110+ Popular Nicknames For Anastasia – (2023 Guide)

Anastasia- a film which was produced by Fox Animation Studio in 1997. I can still remember seeing it on tv when I was like four years old. Since then, the name “Anastasia” has become my favorite name. However, finding out nicknames for Anastasia is actually quite difficult.Nicknames-For-Anastasia
That’s because Anastasia is an incredibly unique and uncommon name. Unless you’re Russian, it’s unlikely that most people know this name. So, the best way to find nicknames for Anastasia is to look here.

Today, I’m going to share with you some of the nicknames for Anastasia that is more commonly used. These are selected from the most popular nicknames for Anastasia online.

Anastasia Name Meaning And History

Above, I told you how I started liking this name. But no, that’s not the history of Anastasia’s name. The history of Anastasia’s name can be traced back to ancient Greece. The name “Anastasia” derives from the Greek words meaning ” resurrection.”

From the Greek word “Anastasia,” this Anastasia name was derived. Because of its meaning and history, the name Anastasia has come to be associated with many different things, including cinema.

Parents are more likely to name their children after characters from movies and tv shows than they are after saints or biblical figures. This is likely because the number of baby names that feature movie and TV characters as top picks has exponentially exploded in recent years. And Russian people adopted this name in big numbers.

How Do You Pronounce Anastasia?

Now, let’s talk about an important question – how do you pronounce Anastasia? The answer to this question is actually not that complicated. You can say “ah-nah-stah-SEE-yuh,” or you can say “an-uh-stey-zhuh.” However, the preferred pronunciation is “a·nuh·stay·zhuh.”

The reason many people prefer to say it like this is that it sounds more Russian. And Russians tend to sound more authentic when they speak their native language.

If you carefully look at the letters of the name, you will see that this is actually a really beautiful and elegant name. However, the pronunciation may sound a bit different depending on where you live.

110 Nicknames for Anastasia

It’s time to learn about the 110 nicknames for Anastasia. Before you start reading these, it’s important to keep in mind that nicknames are often created based on the person’s actual name.

For example, if someone named Anastasia is called Ana, then that person would have a nickname like Ana-Boo or something similar.

  1. Ana
  2. Nana
  3. Stasai
  4. Sanha
  5. Astrid
  6. Astra
  7. Aster
  8. Dasha
  9. Annai
  10. Anya
  11. Vasilisa
  12. Katarina
  13. Mila
  14. Nadia
  15. Olga
  16. Polinasta
  17. Radka
  18. Raina
  19. Roma
  20. Silvia
  21. Svetlana
  22. Viktoria
  23. Xenia
  24. Yuliai
  25. Zoya
  26. Alena
  27. Daria
  28. Ekaterina
  29. Elena
  30. Irina
  31. Kseniya
  32. Princess Anastasia
  33. Enasto
  34. Ani
  35. Anas
  36. Annu
  37. Anusta
  38. Fai Asta
  39. Asaiya
  40. Elenna
  41. Galina
  42. Ksenia
  43. Larisa
  44. Maria
  45. Asiaa
  46. Tasia
  47. Tasu
  48. Veronika
  49. Yekaterina
  50. Danasha
  51. Siasa
  52. Sai
  53. Nasta
  54.  Nastu
  55. Vasilya
  56. Yulia
  57. Anasto
  58. Astasia
  59. Kairsa
  60. Zenia
  61. Anneya
  62. Saisha
  63. Sasa
  64. Astui
  65. Xasia
  66. Polinia
  67. Asya
  68. Shai
  69. Tatyana
  70. Tetiana
  71. Yuliana
  72. Aia
  73. Astasi
  74. Atu
  75. Niasa
  76. Anastasia
  77. Karin
  78. Katya
  79. Kira
  80. Liannisa
  81. Victoriia
  82. Fearless Stasi
  83. Sasi
  84. Faina
  85. Stella
  86. Sasha
  87. Dariasta
  88. Siana
  89. Suo
  90. Steya
  91. Stasia
  92. Astrida
  93. Polina
  94. Stuu
  95. Alenas
  96. Danisha
  97. Ananna
  98. Ania
  99. Intosia
  100. Anastai
  101. Ansa
  102. Hinasha
  103. Nastya
  104. Natalia
  105. Irena
  106. Stasiama
  107. Nia
  108. Tasiamai
  109. Naastia

Names Like Anastasia

Nicknames are common for everyone, so don’t feel left out if you can’t think of any nicknames for your own name. There are many names that sound similar to Anastasia, and a lot of people simply call them by their given name with an extra -a suffix. Here is a list of more names that sound similar to Anastasia:

  • Anna-Boo
  • Ana-Duchess
  • Nana-Boo
  • Nastia
  • Sia
  • Tasia
  • Natalia
  • Irena
  • Stella
  • Xenia
  • Stacey
  • Tacy
  • Stais
  • Siasu
  • Honesty
  • Earnest
  • Aurora
  • Annabella
  • Aurelia
  • Alena

Some Famous People Having the Name Anastasia

In this part of our article, we would like to introduce you to some famous people with similar names as Anastasia. Some of these celebrities have had their nicknames derived from their real name, while others have received them after achieving international fame.

Anastasia Ashley – This popular personality is from California and was born in 1987. She is a surfer by profession and has won many awards, including Triple Crown Rookie of the year.

Anastasia Myskina – Let me introduce you to an extremely talented Russain Tennis player. Her rank is 39 as The Greatest Female Tennis Players Of The Open Era.

Anastasia Griffith – An actor from France. Her acting skills have landed her roles in several successful films, and she is also a model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Anastasia shortened?

The best part of the name “Anastasia” is that it is so versatile that it can be shortened to any one of the following: Ana, Ani, Na, Nastia. Tasia, Anna, And many more.

How rare is the name Anastasia?

We can’t actually tell you how rare the name Anastasia truly is, but it is estimated that only 1 in every 1098 births features this name.

Is Anastasia in the Bible?

Absolutely not. The name Anastasia is not a biblical name.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have come to the end of our Anastasia nicknames list. And we can say that this name has been very popular among parents across the world because of its sweet and lovely meaning.

However, if you are still confused about how to call your kid after Anastasia, simply use the most popular and traditional nicknames for Anastasia listed above.

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