4 Shocking Reasons Why 14 Years Old Wear Diapers


Did you catch your 14-year-old using a diaper? I know as a parent, it’s hard to believe that your teen is having bedwetting issues at this age.

You may wonder, why my 14 years old wears diapers?

Your 14-year-old may wear diapers for various reasons, such as being unable to control their bladder. Some teens may have a psychological disorder that causes them to act like a baby, leading them to wear diapers for comfort. Additionally, if your child is suffering from muscular dystrophy, they may also need to wear diapers. 

Do you want to learn about these causes in detail? If you do, keep reading the article till the end.  

Is it OK for a 14-Year-Old to Wear Diapers?

No, it’s not OK for a 14-year-old to wear diapers. It’s because a child develops the mental and physical capacity to control urinary and bowel movements within 18 months to 3 years. So, for a 14-year-old teenager, it’s not a common occurrence. 

If you notice your 14-year-old still needs to wear diapers, this means he or she has physiological or psychological issues. 

But there’s nothing to worry about as a parent. By consulting with an expert physician or psychiatrist, you’ll be able to solve this problem.

Now, before getting all stressed out, you can easily identify the reasons at home. In the next segment, you’ll learn about all the causes that can affect your child.     

4 Reasons Why 14 Years Old Wear Diapers  

Reason 1: Paraphilic Infantilism

One of the most common reasons for a 14-year-old wearing diaper is Paraphilic Infantilism or “Adult Baby Syndrome”. It’s a sexual fetish that derives from mostly childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, neglect, or personality disorders.  

People suffering from this disorder think of themselves as a baby. They enjoy dressing up in baby clothes and urinating in their nappies. So, they wear diapers to seek comfort.    

Solution: Seek Psychotherapy Assistance

If you can detect your 14-year-old has paraphilic infantilism, it’s best to seek psychological guidance from a psychotherapist. By applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you can improve your teen’s mentality and stop the use of diapers.  

Reason 2: Age Regression

Age regression is another kind of disorder that leads to wearing diapers. It’s also a by-product of stress, anxiety, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma but it’s not a sexual fetish like paraphilic infantilism. 

Age regression is a state of mind where the person consciously or subconsciously revert to child-like behavior. A person having age regression issues not only uses diapers but also acts as a child. For some teenagers, it’s a temporary problem while for others it could be a long-term issue. 

Solution: Consult with a Psychiatrist

The best way to deal with this problem is to consult a psychiatrist. You need to find the emotional triggers that led to starting the issue in the first place. With constant care and practice, your teen will be able to achieve maturity.  

Reason 3: Bedwetting Issues

The most common reason why a 14-year-old wears diapers is due to bladder control issues, As a result, he or she wets the bed at night and out of embarrassment wears diapers. 

Bedwetting problems can arise due to delayed development or hormonal changes. Again, your teenager can lose bladder controlling ability for unresolved stress, depression, anxiety, or childhood trauma. 

Solution: Talk to Your Child Gently

If you notice a bladder-controlling issue, the first thing you have to do as a parent is to talk to your teenager. Try to show supportive behavior so that they feel comfortable sharing their problems with you.  

Then, provide them with proper guidance on how to overcome bedwetting issues. You can start by training your teenager to have fewer fluids at night. Make sure the fluid intake is two hours before going to bed.

You can also introduce an alarm system to your child. The alarm will wake them up at the time of bedwetting and help them prevent bedwetting accidents. 

Finally, you should consult a physician if your teen is going through a prominent hormonal imbalance. By taking prescribed medications, your child will overcome this issue. If the problem is psychological, you must seek cognitive therapy assistance from an experienced psychologist.  

Reason 4: Physical Disability

Now, physical disabilities can also play a role in your teen’s diaper-wearing attitude. Physical disabilities like muscular dystrophy or spina bifida make it essential for a 14-year-old to wear diapers. 

Muscular dystrophy weakens the body and loss of muscle mass. As soon as your teen faces muscular dystrophy he or she will have problems controlling their bladder system. So, it makes them wear diapers.  

On the other hand, spina bifida happens when the neural tube in the spine doesn’t close entirely. In most cases, it happens during early childhood. 

But it can also happen suddenly at any stage of life. As a result, the person physically loses the ability to control their pelvic muscles and thus wears diapers for protection. 

Solution: Take Physiotherapy and Medications

In this case, your child needs mobility and breathing assistance. By doing low-impact exercises, you can improve this condition. 

Again, different kinds of steroid medicines and creatine supplements help tremendously. However, don’t attempt to try on therapy or medicines without consulting with a physician. 

How to React When Your Teenager Loves Wearing Diapers?

Now whatever the cause is, you shouldn’t overreact or judge your teenager if they love wearing diapers. Try to empathize with them and understand the root cause behind their behavior. 

The first thing you have to do is make your teenager feel assured that you’re here to help. Support them mentally if they’re embarrassed or shy about wearing diapers. Finally, you have to help them in solving the issue by guiding them with therapy or building habits.

What Diapers Should a 14-Year-Old Wear?

A 14-year-old should wear adult diapers if required to do so. The most popular brands for teens are Tena, Tranquility, Prevail PM, Abri, and Attends. These brands have budget-friendly options made specifically for teenagers. Usually, they are labeled as junior underwear.  


I hope you’re now aware of why your 14 years old wears diapers. Make sure you are patient with this matter as a parent and help your teen as much as possible. Remember, with the help of your supportive behavior, your child will improve faster. 

Best of luck!

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