My Baby Fell Backwards And Hit Head on Floor [Help is Here]

If your baby feels backward and hit head on the floor first identify the severity of a baby’s head injury. If it’s a normal injury try ice treatment, soothe your child, and let the baby rest. If it’s bleeding then pressure the cut area using a clean cloth and then keep icing the place a few times for 10 minutes. And if it’s a severe injury then immediately call for a doctor or take the kid to the nearest hospital.


The above part will surely make you understand what to do in short. But it’s a broad topic and learning every nut and bolt is a must. For that, I’ve covered everything with proper explanation and treatment help.

So, I would suggest you cover everything attentively to avoid hit-heading accidents and deal like a pro in such a situation, 

Where Did Your Baby Fall And Hit the Head on? 

You’ve slightly got ideas on what to do when a baby falls and hits its head on the floor. But there is a catch. Here the injury level depends on the type of floor it takes. And the initiatives should also be taken accordingly. So let’s learn about different types of floors and how much they damage. 


So far, the safest thing is if there is carpet on the floor. Carpets have additional paddings and there is less chance for your baby to get seriously injured falling on a carpet. However, there are high possibilities of having a twisted neck or bending head. Most of cases you can treat it yourself.

Wooden Floor

Next, come to the general floor type. If the baby fell backwards and hit head on wood floor then there are possibilities to face anything serious. To ensure whether it’s serious or not I’ve added a segment later. However, in short, if you see bleeding or the baby senseless then immediately take them to the nearby hospital. 


If a toddler fell and hit back of head on concrete then it’s going to be a serious issue. Concrete can damage the head severely. So, without waiting it’s better to rush into any hospital. It might need an x-ray as well to identify whether anything is broken.

How Do You Know Whether Your Baby is Okay Or Not After a Fall?

It’s not a tough task to figure out if the baby is highly injured after the fall or not. All you’ve to look at is the different symptoms and their behavior. Below I’ve listed out the signs that can determine whether your child is okay or not after getting hit on the head.

  • If the baby is simply crying because of getting hurt it’s alright.
  • Check out if it’s bleeding or not. If it’s bleeding then call 911.
  • Try to understand if the skull is somehow fractured or not. 
  • Did your baby lose consciousness? Then it’s highly dangerous.
  • Rub the hand on the injured area. If it feels puffy then place ice. Check it every 2-3 hours. If the condition doesn’t get better then something is dangerous.
  • If your baby is vomiting continuously then you should go to the doctor.

What to Do If Baby Fell Backward And Hit Head on the Floor?

Now it’s time to discuss the topic of how to treat your baby’s head bump. Below I am adding immediate treatment solutions for a head bump. 

For Minor Bump Soothe Your Kid

If you think the injury is normal and the baby is crying because of getting hurt then try to soothe your kid. You can also smoothly rub the hair on the injured area. It’s better to get into a rocking chair and soothe her with motion. This might help the kid to fall asleep.

When Bleeding Wrap the Wounded Area

It might be common to face bleeding if the baby fell backwards and hit head on hardwood floor. In that case, take a clean sterile cloth. Use it on the bleeding spot and apply pressure for around 10 minutes. 

Try not to hurt the baby. Next, try to ice the place for around 10-15 minutes. Don’t directly apply ice. Wrap it using a towel and then apply. Do it again after an hour. It should rescue the pain and swelling.

Apply a Cold Compress to Bump

Now if there is no bleeding only a bump then nothing to worry about. Apply a cold compress on the spot. Don’t apply it for more than 15 minutes because it can cause cough and fever. Try to do it 2-3 times every 1 hour. 

Use Pain Reliever

Sometimes you can use pain relievers to reduce the pain. But it’s not recommended. Still, you can do it but call any child specialist. Give details about your baby and about the injury. If the doctor allows then you can use pain relievers such as acetaminophen

Rest And Extra Cuddle

If the injury isn’t severe, an extra cuddle is the best treatment. Get close to your baby, console them that nothing is going to happen, take them to your lap and give an extra cuddle.

Also, let them rest. Try to make them rest in a position where the bumped spot doesn’t get in contact with the pillow or other things. Sleeping might be helpful in this condition. 

The discussed treatment should be enough to take of your baby at home. But before you get into any solution it’s obvious to know the severity according to different ages. So the next part is on this topic. So, let’s move on.

The Severity of the Injury According to Different Ages

To Identify the injury it’s important to compare it among different ages of kids. Below there a list is given to make your task easier.

Probable Injury Level
Action to take
Newborn (0-3) Months
It’s always better to take emergency help
Infants (3-12 months)
Identify first. Home treatment should be enough, if necessary call 911.
Toddler (1-2 years)
Most likely it’s a mild head injury. However, don’t be late if it’s bleeding/unconsciousness 

Below I’ll be explaining how to identify the most serious cases. So don’t close the tab. 

When to Call a Doctor?

The last thing here is to call for a doctor or take your baby to the hospital. But when should you call a doctor? The answer is given below.

  • Continuous bleeding from a cut.
  • Several times vomiting.
  • Lose consciousness.
  • If blood comes out from the nose or ear.
  • Too much brushing or swelling
  • Getting trouble breathing
  • A seizure
  • Unable to move/bend the neck/spine
  • No response to touch or touch

In the following cases, you should don’t and see. Instead, call a doctor and get emergency treatment,

Which Mistakes You Should Not Do

There are some regular mistakes we make when we face such conditions. Now let’s read them and be aware.

  • Don’t panic, rather stay calm and understand your baby’s condition.
  • Never think it’s not serious without identifying the situation.
  • If the baby loses consciousness don’t move him/her. It’s because if there’s any neck injury it can get worse.
  • Never use pain relievers without asking any doctor.
  • Don’t keep icing them for a long time. 

Tips to Prevent Your Child from Falling

Till now I have covered almost all the major topics. But prevention is always important. Hence I am here with this segment. Here are some tips to avoid such horrible accidents.

  • When you leave the baby into infant products, properly strap your child.
  • Don’t leave your kid unattended on an elevated surface such as a sofa, bed, table, etc.
  • Don’t allow the kid to bathe alone in the bath hub.
  • Use baby gates on the stairs.
  • Use window guards or lock the window if it’s within reach of your kid.
  • Avoid multitasking while carrying the baby.
  • Use an anti-slip mat on the bathtub.
  • It’s suggested not to use an infant walker with wheels.
  • Never let the floor be slippy (For example; whenever kids pour any liquid or slippery thing on the following, remove them as soon as possible.)


Can a baby sleep after hitting its head?

Yes, a baby can sleep after hitting its head. However, identify the severity of the injury before you let them go to sleep. Mild head injuries should be anything to make you worried. But if the baby is facing problems waking up then most probably it’s a serious issue. In that case, call the doctor.

How do you know if a baby has a brain bleed?

There are several symptoms to detect the brain bleeding condition. Below I am listing the symptoms, 

  • Apnea or paused bleeding.
  • Loudly crying.
  • Blue or pale coloring.
  • Seizures
  • Decreased reflexes
  • Comparatively slower heart rate

Final Verdict

I think I left nothing uncovered on the topic – baby fell backwards and hit head on floor. Now you’re aware of everything and I hope won’t keep panicking in a serious situation.

My last few should always be attentive to your babies’ activities. Stay calm in serious situations. And don’t let the wound/injury get worse thinking it’s not severe.

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