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Can You Eat Baby Powder?


Long story short, definitely not. There’s a reason why baby powder or talcum powder is not meant for eating. It may not kill you immediately if ingested or inhaled. But it will certainly lead to a lot of serious health problems.  I’m friends with someone who used to crave baby …

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Stop the Mom Guilt- It’s Totally OK for Your Child to Play Alone


First of all, congratulations on becoming a parent. Second of all, how does that feel? Chaotic? Messy? Confusing? Exhausting? Joyful? Fulfilling? Let me guess, it’s a weirdly beautiful mishmash of all the above, isn’t it? I have been through exactly what you’re going through when I conceived my twin girls. …

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Best Wearable Breast Pumps for Hands-Free Pumping-(2021 Guide)


Is time saving and discreet pumping important for you? Check out the best wearable breast pumps in the market today! We know how time-consuming pumping can be. For exclusively pumping moms, there’s hardly any time left for doing chores or watching TV! These breast pumps will fit inside your nursing …

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