Why is My Baby Rolling Instead of Crawling -Should I worry?

So your concern is why is your baby rolling instead of crawling. It can be because he is healthier than normal kids or his clothes are too heavy. Another natural reason is abnormal feet. Lack of tummy time, muscle exercise, and encouragement are other reasons. To help them to crawl, let them exercise, play more on the floor and make it fun for them.


There are a few more reasons behind this problem. And exercising is a whole detailed part to learn as a solution to this problem. Don’t worry you’ll find everything in this article. Just stick to this article and learn everything in detail. 

When Should a Baby Roll And When Crawl?

Before we get into the main parts let’s learn some basics of rolling and crawling. 

Rolling: Babies usually start to roll as early as 4 months old. They can roll over from tummy to back or rock from side to side. When they reach 6 months, they will roll over in both directions.

Crawling: The crawling skill in babies is usually developed between 7-10 months. On average they start to crawl at 9 months.

There are different types of crawlings. Most of the time toddlers pull themselves along the floor by their arms. It is known as a commando-type crawl.

6 Reasons Your Baby is Rolling Instead of Crawling

Before you’re into any solution you should know the reason why your baby is rolling instead of crawling. There are 6 common reasons for this problem. Below I am discussing the reasons with some solutions. 

Reason 1: Abnormal Feet

The first problem can be with the feet of your baby. Very often your small kid grows different types of feet such as flat feet, curved-in feet, and bow legs,

Such types of feet are a hindrance to crawling and cause delays in the rolling stages. 

Most of the time it’s not any big issue. With the growth of a baby, it gets normal. Eventually, the baby will crawl but will be delayed more than usual.

Reason 2: Overweight Baby

If your baby is healthier than usual then it can be another reason your baby isn’t crawling. Too much weight requires extra energy and support to move. Now, if your baby can’t generate the energy then they will keep rolling instead of crawling.

Here the solution is quite transparent. Your baby needs to get into the average weight of an infant. 

Reason 3: Dressing Too Much

It’s too cold outside and you always keep your baby warm with too many clothes. You are conscious as a parent but this is a hindrance to getting into the crawling stage.

Just like I explained before, extra clothing can raise the weight of the baby. So your baby will always find the easy way to move, rolling. They won’t even try to crawl as they are always packed with too much weight. 

So, I would suggest keeping them warm but with not too many clothes that become a burden to the babies. 

Reason 4: Not Enough Tummy Time

“Lackings in the tummy time” means your baby doesn’t have much time to train his/her muscles. 

In such situations, they become less interested in crawling or are not ready to crawl yet. 

Reason 5: Lack of Muscle Growth

If the different muscles of the baby aren’t growing properly then there can be a delay in crawling. Such as weak neck and hand muscles are one of the reasons. Sometimes, cognitive problems are also responsible and for that, your 8 month old baby rolling instead of crawling.

Be more careful about their daily food consumption and nutritional value. Lack of proper nutrients can be a reason for weaker muscles. 

Is it Okay to Skip the Crawling Stage?

Well, if your baby or toddler chooses to roll instead of crawl then it’s not a big problem. However, you shouldn’t be concerned with a baby under 1 year. If the baby is getting mature and still not crawling, sitting, or walking then it is not normal. 

Most child experts see rolling and crawling as softer milestones. Instead, they suggest sitting and walking are more essential milestones to subsequent developmental stages.

When to Worry About Baby Not Crawling

Detecting whether “Baby not crawling” is a problem or not is very easy. Notice if your kid can perform a two-way rollover or not, sit without getting any support for a while or not, and sit up from a stomach-down position or not. 

If they can do it then there is no problem. But if these movements are missing then it might be a problem. In such conditions, see a pediatrician for further treatment.

How to Help Baby Learn to Crawl

You are still worried and want a solution, right? Well, this segment is the perfect spot for you. Here I’m going to add some to-do exercises and tips for babies which will help them learn to crawl faster. So, keep on reading. 

1. Tummy Exercise

Is your baby above 6 months? Then it’s time to start tummy exercises. Every day let your kid do tummy exercises for around 20 minutes. It’ll help in learning to crawl.

2. Hand Muscle Exercise

Most of the time babies don’t want to crawl because of weak hand muscles. To build up hand muscles support them to reach higher objects using the hands.

3. Massage the Kid

Massage your kid daily 2 times on their hands and legs. They love to get massages. It relaxes them and brings back energy for exercise. 

You can support your little one in working out his leg muscles by holding their arm or armpit and lifting his feet just above the floor.

4. Play on the Floor

This one is common sense. If your baby passes more time on the floor then they’ll learn to crawl faster. So let them play on the floor but make sure it is a safe area away from the stair.

5. Encourage them and Make It Fun

The last and easiest thing you can do is to make it fun for them. You can allow them to stay more in front of a mirror. When they’ll try to crawl in front of a mirror, they may find it more interesting.

Plus, if you see signs baby is ready to crawl, then you can also crawl with them. It will encourage them.

Final Words

In the end, I would say don’t get worried if you find your baby rolling instead of crawling.

Very often babies skip crawling and directly sit and walk. However, the usual thing you can do is to give your kid proper attention and training. Also, Feed them well nutrient food and make sure to make crawling interesting for them. 

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