Show and Tell Letter I (50 Fun & Exciting Ideas) – 2022 Guide

If you are here, I can easily assume that your little love has come to the right age to introduce new letters. Yes, of course, you have bought a boring traditional book of alphabets.

But, modern kids learn in modern ways. Show and tell letters are just that fun way to introduce your kids to letters and teach them to construct words with each letter. Show-and-Tell-Letter-IToday we have done quick research to collect all the ideas with the letter I. In this article, we have arranged 50 ideas of words and names that start with I. Let’s explore.

50 Ideas to Show and Tell Letter I

  1. Ice
  2. Ice-cream
  3. Ice Age (animation movie name)
  4. Ivy 
  5. Ice-skating
  6. Inchworm
  7. Inspector
  8. Igloo
  9. Incredible Hulk (fictional character)
  10. Index Finger
  11. Ivory
  12. Iron 
  13. Iguana
  14. Insect
  15. Ink
  16. Ink Pen
  17. Instrument 
  18. Iris (eyes)
  19. Irises (flower)
  20. Irish (Native People of Ireland)
  21. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Book)
  22. Inside
  23. India
  24. Island
  25. Ideal
  26. Idol
  27. Illegal
  28. Illustration
  29. Imagine
  30. Impatient
  31. Immoral 
  32. Indigo
  33. iPhone/ iPad
  34. Ipomea (Morning Glory flower)
  35. Ice Plant (one type of succulent flower plant)
  36. Indonesia
  37. Iran
  38. Italy
  39. Idle
  40. Icon 
  41. Interesting
  42. Immerse
  43. Inspiration
  44. Important 
  45. Innovation
  46. Ill
  47. Igor (cartoon character)
  48. Isaac Newton (famous scientist and discoveries of optics)
  49. Infant
  50. Innocent

Final Words

There are hundreds of ideas to show and tell letter I. We have chosen 50 most suitable ones for kids. You can easily show a reference picture, or related things of these words and ask your little bunch of joy to guess the I-word. 

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