If Baby Spits up Should I Feed Again? All You Need to Know!


Yes, you can feed your baby just after he spits up if everything is normal.50% of all babies at and under 3 years spits up at least once a day. So, it’s nothing alarming BTW.

However, you need to know a few things more to judge the condition better. As a concerned mom and dad, you should read further!

The Difference Between Spit-Up and Vomit

First thing you need to understand whether your baby is spitting up or is vomiting. Both are different in some ways.

Normally, when food or milk just flows out of the baby’s mouth without any force or visible discomfort, we can call that spit-up.

In case of vomiting, the baby will throw up food or milk more forcefully. The after result could be crying and stomach pain.

But sometimes, your kid might not have any pain while vomiting and you can treat that as a form of spit-up also.

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Why Do Babies Spit-Up?

Spitting up can happen for a number of reasons without any underlying medical issues. These 4 are most common:

1. Overfeeding or fast feeding

More often than not babies will overfeed themselves to the point they spit-up. So, try slowing down a bit and remove the nipple in between to help him relax. Sometimes, they can suck on too fast and that can also result in Spit-ups.

I guess no mom wants to overfeed her baby knowingly. But it’s a common motherly trap thinking that my baby needs more food. Avoid this trap!

2. Food Allergies

Your baby might develop new sensitivities to certain food items. But you are just feeding him breast milk. Could the allergens be transferring from your diet to the breast milk?

I won’t go into debate. However, the allergens can get transferred and your baby can spit up. If you feel, this is the case with your baby, consult a doctor.

3. Swallowing Air

Swallowing air during feedings can cause spit-ups. The reason could be fast sucking or gulping water with air. This is not a big deal!

What You Need to Consider When Feeding Your Baby After Spit-Up or Vomiting?


1. Wait for the Spit-Up or Vomiting to Stop

Yes, you can feed your baby after spit-ups or vomiting. But just wait for a minute or two to make sure he’s not going spit-up again.

2. Baby Acting Hungry After Spit Up? Feed Him

If you see your baby is genuinely hungry after spitting up, feed him without second thoughts. There’s a good chance he has emptied himself.

Sometimes other moms tell me that their baby keeps spitting up, but still wants to eat. This is a tricky situation. If you feel he is full and still wants to eat, don’t feed him. Instead, give him a pacifier to suck on it.

3. Try Feeding Liquids Instead of Solids

If your baby is spitting up while feeding solids, start with a liquid to feed him again. This could be either water or milk.

4. Give Break

Should you feed your baby after a lot of spit ups? I think you should give it a break. Feed him a bit of water because he might get dehydrated from the constant spit-ups.

5. Don’t Feed If the Baby Is in Pain or Have Fever

Pain is normal with vomiting. In these cases, don’t rush to feed him again. Wait for him to calm down and the pain to relieve.

Sometimes, your baby might have fever. The first thing is to ensure he gets his medications and then we can talk about food.

6. Spit-up when traveling or riding a car? Wait to get out of it

It can be so that your baby has spit up inside a car or a bus. Don’t bother feeding him, if the next stop isn’t too far. Get out of the vehicle and then feed him.

Tips to Control Baby Spit-Ups

1. Burping After Each Feeding

Burping could be the best solution to prevent spit-ups. That’s right.

The air that the baby swallows will come out and that should be enough to keep your baby calm. Simple techniques like patting on the back and the shoulders should do the trick.

For more, follow this video instruction.

2. Don’t Keep the Baby Hungry for Too Long

Keeping the baby hungry for too long will result in super fast feeding. And by now you already know that fast eating can result in spit-ups or vomiting. So, feed him timely and in a controlled way.

3. Right Feeding and Post Feeding Positions

Different breastfeeding positions work for different babies. You will need to experiment a little bit to find out. After you are done feeding him, keep him in an upright position for like 20-30 minutes to let the food settle in his stomach.

Final Words

A quick recap: You can feed your baby after a spit-up. Just wait for him to settle and stop spitting-up before you feed him. If you follow this guideline, I’m sure you’ll know exactly what to do. Stay connected!!

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