Losing Hair During Pregnancy Boy or Girl? A Factual Analysis

Are you one of the many expectant parents who are eager to find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl?

It’s no secret that people will try just about anything to predict their baby’s sex during pregnancy. Some even believe that hair loss is a tell-tale sign of having a baby girl. But let’s set the record straight: there’s no scientific evidence to support this theory.


While it’s true that many women experience hair loss during pregnancy, this is usually a result of hormonal changes and other health issues. It has nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

So whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a precious baby girl, hair loss may still be a part of your pregnancy journey.

In this discussion, we’ll explore both the facts and the myths surrounding hair loss during pregnancy. We’ll also provide you with some tips and solutions to help you cope with this common problem. So sit tight and read on to learn more.

Link between Hair Loss and Sex of Baby – True or False

When it comes to predicting the sex of an unborn baby, there are all sorts of myths floating around. One of the most popular is that thin hair is a tell-tale sign of a baby girl. But is there any truth to this old wives’ tale?

While many pregnant women have reported experiencing high hair fall while carrying a girl, there are just as many who claimed to have had no hair loss issues during pregnancy, even when they were carrying a girl.

Interestingly, many women with thick and luscious locks during pregnancy were actually carrying baby boys. On the other hand, there are reports of excessive hair loss regardless of whether they gave birth to a baby boy or girl.

So, what’s the bottom line here? As it turns out, there’s no real connection between hair loss and the sex of a baby. It’s just one of those old tales that needs to be put to rest. 

Some apparent changes and hair fall is common in the early days of pregnancy. Some external and other related issues can cause high hair loss. But this is not related to the sex of the baby.

However, some women experience excessive hair fall after giving birth, regardless of whether they had a boy or a girl. This hair fall can continue for up to 3 to 5 months post-pregnancy.

The good news is that the condition of the hair is expected to improve with time. With some extra care, dermatological help, and treatment, it’s possible to regain healthy hair.

Is Hair Fall or Changes During Pregnancy Normal?

Generally, there should not be any excessive hair fall or major changes during pregnancy. Some women may face a few issues with their hair and this is normal. 

But there are major reasons behind high hair fall and visual changes in your hair during pregnancy. 

  • The hormonal shift can be seen in different phases of pregnancy. It is not a common issue. There are random reports about losing hair for this reason.
  • During pregnancy, you may face a lack of nutrition and protein. These can affect the health of the scalp. Therefore, you might have an unusual hair fall.
  • Different health issues like hypothyroidism and iron deficiency can bring change in the condition of the hair.
  • Lack of cleanliness can harm the scalp. Unclean hair always tends to fall.
  • Excessive stress during pregnancy can be another reason behind high hair loss.
  • You can also experience unusual hair loss due to skin disease. 

Can You Treat Hair Loss During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a sensitive time. So, you have to be careful about the additional treatment process at this time. It is a bit risky to take any medicine for hair loss during pregnancy. But some external treatments are safe to apply for this purpose.

  • The reasons behind hair loss mostly include nutritional and hormonal issues. It is completely safe to maintain a healthy diet as the treatment.
  • Any illness related to hair loss needs the treatment of a specialized doctor.
  • You can safely take levothyroxine-type medications for treating hypothyroidism.
  • Hair treatment like minoxidil possesses some risk. So, you should avoid this type of treatment.
  • Trichotherapy regime medications can be used for the treatment of excessive hair fall.
  • Take the consultancy of a dermatologist for the possibility of PRP treatment.

Tips to Control Hair Fall During Pregnancy

Some tactical steps can help you retain the growth and color of your hair. Here are some effective ways you can follow to preserve the healthy condition of your hair. 

Washing the Hair Regularly

To prevent hair fall during pregnancy, you have to maintain cleanliness and retain moisture. It is important to wash your hair after each 3-4 days gap. 

Using a mild and medically safe shampoo with conditioner can be ideal for a problem-free scalp. You have to be careful about applying the right proportion of the shampoo.

Applying an Occasional Hair Massage

Massaging your hair with warm oil is another important way for improving blood circulation on the scalp. This hair massage can be applied a couple of times a week.

This mild massage helps strengthen the roots of the hair. This will also improve the condition of the hair, reduce the damage level, and nourish the hair.

Combing the Hair Correctly

You should not use a thin or short-toothed comb for your hair. A wide-toothed hair comb is the safest option to go through the hair without internal pressure.

Moreover, you should always avoid using a comb on wet hair. This can harm the roots. It is also better to keep your hair free from special treatment. Try to be gentle while combing your hair.

Occasional Trimming

Occasional trimming is very beneficial to prevent the split ends of your hair. This also helps to cope with textural change and hormone issues during the pregnancy period.

Following a Healthy Diet

Nutrition, minerals, and vitamins are very important for preserving the condition of your hair. So, you should make a healthy diet including different nutritious food. 

A combination of vegetables, eggs, chickens, and fruits can provide a balanced benefit. You need to focus on the food habit suitable for the pregnancy period.

Stress Management

Stress is very harmful during pregnancy. It can weaken the roots of the hair and cause hormonal imbalance. So, try to remain stress-free. Different kinds of light yoga can help in this regard.

Understand the Sensitivity 

You should have in-depth ideas about hair type and sensitivity. Avoid using color or chemical products during pregnancy. Observe the changes and hair issues intensively.

Final Thoughts

Whether you give birth to a girl or a boy, losing hair is not unusual. Multiple facts can also cause excessive hair fall. 

Measuring the hair fall to identify the sex of a baby may match up coincidently. But there is no actual connection between these two things. 

The article “Losing hair during pregnancy boy or girl? A contradictory and factual analysis” has the analyses to give you clear ideas about the actual reasons behind hair fall during pregnancy. So, get yourself out of the myth and follow the instructions to take care of your hair.

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