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Parents have to take care of so many things while they have started their parenthood. From newborn to toddler and then seeing the baby growing up is always enjoyable as well as challenging too. And if you are a parent of a 5 year old baby, you might have already started to struggle with choosing a bed for him. So, what is the best bed for 5-year-old babies? 

The answer is so uncertain! 

Well, there are lots of beds in the market that are only designed in small sizes for babies. Our experts have researched and found out the most efficient baby beds with attractive designs for babies and parents along with the most comfort and safety facilities. We have observed all their details and made a proper review so you can easily find your requirements among them.

Top 5 Best Baby Beds For 5 Year Old Kids 2021

Here are the top 5 best beds for five-year-olds we have found with all the requirements at the best price. 

1.KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed

KidKraft Airplane Toddler Bed

KidKraft airplane toddler bed is the most convenient bed we have found for 5 year old babies. It has all the comfort features and sturdiness packed. Along with that, its unique design makes it more attractive to kids. Its airplane design is a magical bed for toddlers. They love to play with this colorful airplane shaped bed along.

The transition from a crib to a regular bed gets easy with a KidKraft airplane bed. Its smart and sturdy design ensures all safety so that toddlers don’t get injured while playing. The size of this bed is quite efficient, so you can place it anywhere you want. 

The weight of this bed is only 70 lbs which is easy to move. The aircraft shaped notch has a drawer where you can store kids toys and other essentials. Else, the propeller attached in front of the footboard can be spun which makes this bed enjoyable to play with. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Can fit most of the crib sizes. 
  • Charming airplane design.
  • Storage efficient size and storage drawers.



2.South Shore Sweedi Toddler Bed

South Shore Sweedi Toddler Bed

South Shore Sweedi is also one of the best beds for 5 year olds. It is a Scandinavian transition bed that anyone would like. It is made of solid pine wood that ensures incredible durability. Its unique design would have an impact on nourishing your kid. Though it is made of solid wood, it is completely safe for your kid to play on the bed without any concern of hitting the body and getting injured. 

With this bed, you won’t have to buy a new mattress if you have an old one. You can put it straight on the floor with the mattress you previously had for your crib.

This bed comes with crossbars, so you can add curtains for your baby or you can also hang toys or dolls. You can also remove the crossbars if you have a problem with bumping your head on the crossbars while playing with your baby.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Made of highly durable pine wood. 
  • Can be adjusted with any of your crib’s old mattresses. 
  • Comes with removable crossbars.
  • Strong wood sturdiness won’t injure your baby.



3.Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size Low Loft Bed

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-Size Low Loft Bed with Slide

Max & lily solid loft is another fun to play bed. It is a twin-sized bed that is a bit high from the ground and it has a small ladder attached. The height of the bed is 50 inches so it opens up floor space with this loft design. No matter where you place the bed, the ladder won’t be a problem as you can place it on both the left and right sides of the bed. 

Toddlers falling off from the bed won’t be any problem since this bed has 14 inches heightened guardrails attached on all sides of the bed. There is also a slide that can be adjusted just like the ladder. So, the babies can enjoy sliding while getting up and down from the bed. 

Even though the bed is tall but it is stable and strong. The bed frame is made of New Zealand’s highly reliable pine wood. As a twin-sized bed, it can withstand 400 lbs weight without any concern. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Highly durable pine wood frame.
  • 400 lbs of weight capacity.
  • Saves floor storage & comes with guardrails. 
  • Comes with a ladder and slide attached. 



4.Walker Edison Wood Twin Bunk Kids Bed 

Walker Edison Wood Twin Bunk Kids Bed

Walker Edison wood twin bunk is a twin-sized bed. It is a two-storied bed. As it is a bunk bed having two separate beds, if you have two babies then you can provide both of them bed facilities. And it just consumes very little space. 

Even parents can hop up on both beds to play with them as both beds have a great weight capacity of 250 lbs.On the top-notch, you can share the bed with your baby. You can settle your baby on the above bed and you can just grab the lower bed to sleep very closely with your baby. Or you can settle yourself on the above and keep your baby in the lower bed. 

The whole bed frame is made of solid pine wood which is durable and sturdy but it won’t injure babies as they are quite soft. There is a ladder on the frame to climb on the top bed. Babies won’t fall off the bed as it is designed with guardrails for safety. 

This long-lasting constructed bed doesn’t need any extra box spring. It is comfortable for use with any mattress of 8″-9″ thickness. The bed design is also quite efficient for space-saving. The best thing is that you will get all of these premium facilities at a great value for money. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Highly durable pinewood design.
  • Constructed with two beds for twins. 
  • Both beds have an astonishing weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Includes guard rails and ladder.



5.Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

Delta children toddler tent bed is a very charming bed for kids. It is designed with mickey mouse cartoon prints so that kids do not feel bored. The tent is made of plastic construction, so there is no chance of toddlers getting injured while playing on this bed. You would be more satisfied to know that this bed is JPMA certified to meet all safety standards for children. 

This toddler’s bed is made of a sturdy steel frame which is highly durable. It weighs around 17 lbs which makes it easy to move anywhere you want. The bed has rollup doors and mesh windows which makes it more playable for children. As the tent is removable, you can remove it easily whenever you want to play with your baby. 

The bed has a weight capacity of 50 lbs which is enough for babies. Along with easy assembly and transport, this bed is a great deal for storage efficiency. Its dimension is quite small, so you can place it in any place you want. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Includes a removable tent with windows and rollup doors.
  • Highly durable steel frame with 50 lbs weight capacity. 
  • JPMA certified for exceeding all safety standards.



How To Choose The Perfect Bed For 5 Year Babies – Buying Guide

Check out these major factors that you should look upon before selecting the best bed for your 5 year old kids. 


You should choose your toddler’s bed size according to his/her room size. If your baby likes to play more on the bed then it would be a wise decision to choose a spacious bed for him. Else, there are many small-sized beds which also provide fun facilities for kids. 


Sturdiness is a very important part of any bed. No matter how much your baby plays or moves on the bed, the bed should not shake or break down. To ensure the most sturdiness, you should choose a bed frame made of pine wood or stainless steel. The bed legs should also be thick enough to provide sturdiness.

Bed Frame & Guard Rails

Bed frames and guardrails are the most crucial part in terms of safety. The bed frame should be soft so that your baby doesn’t get hurt even if he/she bumps onto the frame. Kids move a lot while playing or sleeping so the bed must have a bed rail of at least 10 inches height so that your baby doesn’t fall off the bed.

Weight Capacity

Kids are not so heavy, so at least 50-70 lbs weight capacity would be enough for a baby bed. But if your baby plays a lot on the bed by forcing pressure on the frame then you should choose a bed with more weight capacity. If you want to join your baby’s bed to play with him then you must get a bed with a weight capacity of more than 250 lbs.


At this point, you must have understood how incredible features we have reviewed in our list of the best bed for a 5 year olds. Children need more sleep than average people, so it is really important to have a bed that benefits their sleep quality and makes them feel comfortable. Selecting the right bed for your baby will help a lot fuel their rapid growth. 

We have enlisted these beds with all the safety and comfort facilities your baby would need along with the enjoyment of playable and attractive design. All you need to do is choose the one you like and get them at a great value for money.  

Happy Parenting!

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