6 Best Gaming Console for 5 Year old – (2021 Reviews)


Today’s consoles aren’t just fun!


Creativity, interactivity, flexibility, or more realism- it’s literally the coolest activity (yet thoughtful) pack within budget.

As a parent, I can easily rely on them for the kid’s fun time (Though I’m kinda old-fashioned guy who doesn’t feel comfortable giving this technological shit to my kids).

Does this sound like you?

Can feel your pain, man! But what else can we really do?

No matter whether your kid’s restless behaviour retards you from doing any important task or falls you into trouble while driving or just to give them a thoughtful gift on your little angel’s birthday, the gaming console is, undoubtedly, an effective solution to keep them calm and make you hassle-free.

If that sounds like your kind of vibe then get out a pen and notebook because I’m gonna talk about some of our kid’s (including my niches & nephew) favourite & best gaming console for 5 year old which really have jaw-dropping visuals to expand the creativity.

6 Best Gaming Console for 5 Year old 2021

First let me tell you how I shortlisted the games.

We have a big family, or I should say, giant. And we all were together in the quarantine.

Just imagine staying with 10/12 kids (And if those are lil devil) the whole day.

Ahhhhhhhh, just like a nightmare!

So, yeah, if someone says he can keep them calm, we’re agreed to give million dollars! 

You feel you’re banging your head against a wall. Then my big sis came with the idea of a gaming console.

And yes, it’s truly a lifesaver!

So, this article is basically talking about the gaming console, which makes our pandemic life a little less miserable.

And here is our review of 6 best gaming console for 5-year-old kids & toddlers can be easily connected to a TV.  

1.Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8- Best for bright screen resolution

Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8

Now we know why they say Nintendo is a cult classic!

Nintendo Wii U is an updated version of the original Wii which hopefully is an excellent choice for your toddlers. So, let’s see how we say it is excellent for your kid.

And you’ll definitely love it- we’re 1000% sure about it.

First, let’s talk about the resolution.

This gaming console offers a screen resolution of 854×480. Plus, the display wide is 16 units, and the height is 9 units. Another point is you will get a clear and crisp image which will make the game look good. 

The result?

The deadly combination of resolution and screen size will make the gaming session blissful for your kids. 

That’s not all…

Your little prince can access the interface without facing any problems. 

Wanna join with the kid? It’s super easy. If you are in standby mode, then you can access WiiU mode in 30 seconds. 

Some of the things of the console that Awe us

  • Child-friendly weight

Although the gamepad is thick and long, this gaming console is just 8.15 pounds. Hopefully, your child will find it perfect for carrying and easier to control. 

  • Durable

The gamepad of this console is much durable.

  • Super Easy to store

You can download your desire games from the Wii U shop and can store on the USB drives or SD card. 

Things that really disappoints us

  • Though this console is quite large, therefore, you may face difficulty sliding next to the TV. 



2.Douddy Handheld Games- Best gaming console for beginners

Douddy Handheld Games

Ahhhhh, finally we found a handheld gaming console that allows anywhere to play.

The first blissful thing you will find is a 16-Bit processor. This 16-Bit will help you get better music effects and more beautiful pictures. 

Alright, now let’s talk about the power source & all that stuff!

This console allows you three different power sources: rechargeable lithium battery, USB cable (use power bank), and AAA.

 Some of the things of the console that Awe us

  • Kid-friendly Gaming console

As kid-friendly, this gaming console is a durable, comfortable shape & button layout, straightforward instruction, and so on.

  • Reasonable price

Parents typically don’t want to spend much on buying a gaming console for their kids. Our picked gaming console is reasonable in the price range.

  • A robust library

The next excellent feature is you will find 220 preloaded games. It will be great for the parents who want to keep their kid aside from the internet. 

Things that really disappoint us

  • The screen size is pretty small.


3.Nintendo Switch Lite – Best portable gaming console for 5 year old

Nintendo Switch Lite

Woah, Nintendo…you guys nailed it again!

And we can’t help falling in love with this super exciting game & picked Nintendo Switch lite as our third choice (We don’t care even though you guys thought we’re a little biased about Nintendo)

Coz these’re awesome, man!

During gaming, a comfortable grip is necessary to extend the gaming session. Today, the game console manufacturer shows their interest in attaching a comfortable grip on their console. 

No pain will be felt during gaming-How cool is that?

The design is perfect for grabbing by both palms. Plus, your kid can keep his/her finger at the top, allowing complete control over the console. Interestingly, the design allows fitting in a pocket. 

Some of the things of the console that Awe us

  • Portable & lightweight

When you are on travel or picnic, your 5 years old kid may need to stay ideal. Surprisingly, when your kid has this console, your kid won’t feel lonely and also won’t disturb you during driving. The lightweight (Approx .61 lbs) and portable feature make it carry-friendly.  

  • D-Pad

Here lies D-Pad, which allows a better tactile feel during playing. That feature will enhance gameplay, especially when you play 2D fighters. Moreover, you will find the D-pad, shoulder buttons, and ABXY are muted while pressing. 

  • Available in multiple colors

This console offers five different colors like yellow, blue, coral, grey, and Turquoise. Hopefully, you can easily pick your favourite one. 

Things that really disappoint us

  • The battery life is average (approx. 4 hours). 
  • You will find no tablet or docking modes.



4.PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console- Best for its multiple playing options

 PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

If you want limitless entertainment with multiple playing options to expand the imagination of your toddler, you can choose this console tension-freely. 

Bold statement?

Not really. This gaming console would be a perfect match for those who want adventure and realism in a game. Here you will find anti-aliasing, visual FX, deep shadows, HDR, and vivid textures features to make a video more realistic. 

A good bung for the bucks- that’s for sure!!!!

This console allows the gamers to be connected with friends to play online. Hopefully, your kid’s leisure time will become excellent with various exclusive games playing with multiplayer. 

This game console offers an easy setup facility; hopefully, you don’t need more than 30 minutes to make it ready to play. 

Some of the things of the console that Awe us

  • Damn fast man!

You will find this console not only powerful but also faster in loading time.  

  • Offer 4k facilities

You can enjoy the 4k video facility not only in playing games but also in watching movies, shows. Here lies HDR technology to offer a vibrant and lifelike range of colors.

  • Offering games and Discount

You will get an exclusive discount on purchasing games. More interestingly, you will get two free games every month.  

Things that really disappoint us

  • Though here lie no backward compatibilities so, you can’t play the games of the previous generation. 
  • You will have to spend on a subscription fee if your kid wants to play in multiplayer mode.



5.EASEGMER 16 Bit Kids Handheld Games –Best Gaming console for Budget

 EASEGMER 16 Bit Kids Handheld Games

Birthday or Christmas gift for your kid? 

No matter what your thought, EASEGMER made 16 Bit handheld gaming console  could be an ideal match. 

Here is why:

This gaming console offers 200 new games, including education, non-violence, sports, and others. Hopefully, that library will increase your kid’s skills such as problem-solving, thinking, and hand-eye coordination. 

The weight is just 3.06 oz; hopefully, your kid won’t face any problem carrying. 

However, the display size is 2.5-inch and also high-definition with 16 bit. Another great thing, Here lies a rechargeable lithium battery which is 700 mAh. That battery can be charged by USB cable. 

Some of the things of the console that Awe us

  • Headphone support

Here you will find a 2.8 MM headphone jack. Therefore, you can enjoy a blissful gaming experience. 

  • Easy to use

The mechanism is easy to understand for a 5 years old kid. Therefore, you kid won’t face any problem navigating the system or figuring out the game’s playing method.

  • Portable

The size and weight allow this console to carry anywhere.

Things that really disappoint us

  • The screen size is small. 
  • The brightness may be piercing to your kid’s eye; that’s why it will be better to limit the gaming session. 
Note: A film is used to protect the screen surface so, remove that before use. 



6.Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition Console

Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition Console

Hopefully, Xbox One S 1TB is a perfect match for those kids who are a little Nerdy.

Wondering why?

2 Style Variants, spectacular visualization & Classic Rogue Spider Knight Outfit- perfect to meet the creative need of your smart toddler.

And you know the coolest part?

This gaming console allows streaming 4k video on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. However, here lies high dynamic range technology, which helps to get vibrant and radiant colors in videos and games.

If you want disk-free control, hopefully, this console could be a perfect match. You can download and play when you want. 

Some of the things of the console that Awe us

  • Digital gaming flavor at low cost

After purchasing this gaming console, you can enjoy low payment facilities for 2 years. Pulse here lies no upfront cost, console upgrade option, and offers a multiplayer facility. 

Interestingly, the Xbox account allows access to more than 10 high-quality games and builds a library with those.

  • Warranty

Here you will get a 1-year warranty for hardware that will allow you tension-free gaming. Plus, the manufacturer will give 90 days’ warranty for accessories and controllers. 

Things that really disappoint us

  • The remote control isn’t up to the mark. The control may disconnect if you move more than 2 feet away.  
  • You will find no plug-in headset in the controller. 
Note: If you want to save your game, you need to sign in Xbox One account using Microsoft Account. Allow watching TV and streaming video.



Is Xbox good for 5 years old? 

Xbox is preferably good for parents who want to keep their 5 years old kid away from mobile. 

And adore Xbox only for this.

Mobile is liable to promote compulsive and addictive play. We hope you don’t see your kid highly addicted to mobile at this age. Apart from that, Xbox will help a kid in the following ways, such as.

Xbox gaming will uplift self-confidence.

It is hopefully good for hand-eye coordination. Is Xbox One kid friendly?And Should a 5 year old play video games?

Xbox allows multiplayer features which will make your kid extroverted. 

Like those positive sides, Xbox may negatively impact your kid. Here we include some notable incidents conducted by Xbox players.


Yes, a sad accident took place a few years ago. 

An Xbox player died due to spending a long hour in a live gaming session. The autopsy said that that player died due to pulmonary embolism, which travels legs into the lungs. 

Runaway from home:  

You heard that right!

In 2012, four teens from Iowa planned to run away from home in the Xbox live. 

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Although they reached their home safely, it could be alarming for parents. 


5 must-have fact to consider while buying the Gaming Console for your kiddo

We enlist some points which will help you to choose the right game console for a kid. 

  • Comfort first!

No doubt that a comfortable gaming console gives you blissful service. To ensure much pleasure, you need to focus on the sleek design, gamepad, grip, etc. However, another critical factor is weight. Though you buy it for your kid, try to choose the lightweight console. 

  • What about the Game library?

Continuously playing a few games may make your kid bored. That’s why while buying a game console for a kid; you need to look at the game library of that particular gaming console. 

For example, PlayStation 3 offers hundreds of games that can be played in multiplayer mode. 

However, it would help if you saw the game type because some game libraries has 18+ and R-rated games which will be bad for your kid. 

  • Portability matters!

Portability is another essential feature to look at because it helps carry the console wherever your kid wants. Under this feature, you can look at how tiny or small your device is. 

Nintendo offers many portable gaming consoles, whereas the PlayStation series isn’t portable. 

  • Also don’t forget to check Options

You will find many options in a gaming console, but all don’t go perfectly with your kid. For example, if your kid loves to game and cartoon, you can choose the console that allows watching TV and gaming. That’s why it will be better to find your kid’s preference. 

  • Last but not least- Durability!

Kids typically don’t take care of their playing items. So, when you wish to give a gaming console to your kid, you have to focus on durability; otherwise, you need to replace it frequently. 

The Takeaway

We are on the edge of the discussion on the best game console for 5 year old. Hopefully, you can choose one from our suggested list.

But it’s time to wrap up: What is the best console for a 5-year-old toddler?

If you like portable and budget-friendly consoles, you can choose Nintendo Switch lite. Or, if you want multiple playing options with a 4K facility, you can choose PlayStation 4 1TB Console. 

The best gaming console is ideal for long car rides and little hands. Perhaps, the Nintendo switch lite could be one of the best consoles for kids while on the journey. It amuses wherever your kids maybe

We are happy to share some of our best picks and suggestions for buying with you. So, choose your desired one and present it to your kid and make them happy.


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