Top 5 Awesome Swimming Pool Games for Kids

Summer! It’s the ultimate time for adults as well kids to get down in the pool. Spending time at the poolside is one of the classiest activities till now. 

Let’s be frank now! How long can our kids enjoy swimming? They can hardly be in the water to swim for 1-2 hours without any activities. So, all they need is fun activities in the pool.


 As long as it’s a concern for your kids, you will be happy to know that swimming along with games makes a great contribution to body development, skill growth, and motor health. 

Consequently, I would like to describe 5 awesome swimming pool games for kids. 

Tips to Follow Before You Plan to Enjoy a Poolside Game: 

Even though you and your kids are pros at swimming, but still, you should follow some safety precautions. Let’s have a sneak peek at the safety list. 

Keep Eye on Them: 

Most of the accidental death in the pool happens for carelessness. Don’t leave your kids unsupervised while they are in the pool. Always try to be around them while they are playing or swimming in the pool. 

If your children are under 5 years old, you need to be extra careful then. It’s better to join them and stay in the pool along with them. 

For kids who are not more than 1 year old, you must have floaties for them. Otherwise, there’s no escape from drowning as a one-year-old baby is unable to swim at all. You can check out some of the great floaties for 1 year old. Getting floaties won’t be enough for the safety from drowning, make sure you’re always supervising your kids when they’re in the pool. 


Sunscreen is crucial! It’s summertime and the sun is high above the head. Don’t let your kids get sunburned. Grab a waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or 50 for summer playtime in the pool. 

Install Barrier:  

As you know the depth of the pool is not the same everywhere. So, you can install a barrier to a certain point. In this way, kids will not be able to cross the safe zone. 

List of 5 fun swimming pool games for kids 

To keep the summer fully entertained and cheerful, you can look at our top 5 listings for enjoyable swimming pool kids’ games. 

#1. Air Balloon: 

I am not talking about a birthday helium air balloon. There is plenty of pool party versioned balls available. You can get a couple of them. Put the air balloon inside the swimming pool. Your kids can have a great pool party along with them. 

The rule of the air balloon game is familiar to everyone. The players need to keep the air balloon up in the air by passing from hand to hand. If any player is failed to catch the air balloon, he will be eliminated. That’s how a couple of rounds will keep going on until one winner is declared. 

#2. Kickboard Number Hunt: 


On the kickboard, there are numbers available from 1-to 10. All you need is to throw the foam numbers following the numeric order in the pool using the kickboard. This game is really exciting for the summertime. 

#3.  Treasure Hunt: 

A treasure hunt kit is veritable to have. The kit includes gold, silver, and multiple color gems. You can scatter all the gems into the pool, and tell the kids to collect them. This game is fun and competitive too. 

#4.  Volleyball in Pool: 


There is plenty of pool volleyball set is available in the market. You can easily get one of them and set it up in the pool. You can also join in this game with your kids and their friends.

This is a relishing summertime game for making some points too and winning the game. Volleyball with the water splash is the reason you might consider it in your next gameplay. 

#5. Ring Toss: 

Along with playing ring toss in the backyard, you can plan to include this game in the pool. Grab pool noodles and toys to play this game in the water with your kids. 


Make your and your kids’ summer exciting with all the fun activities. You can have proper planning and enjoy every bit of it with the kids. Else, don’t forget to give your kids summer fruits. Let them maintain a proper diet as well as physical activities. 

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