10 Best Swim Floaties For 1-Year-Old 2023 – [Tested & Reviewed]

Ready to make a splash this summer and cool off in the pool? But wait, what about your little one? It’s no fun for them to sit on the sidelines and watch you soak up the sun, right?

Sure, you could try holding your 1-year-old in the water, but that’s just asking for a tiring and unsafe experience. So, what’s the solution? A floaty, of course!


A floaty is an inflatable flotation device that lets your baby sit and enjoy floating on the water, all while staying safe and secure. But with so many options out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Fear not, because we’ve done the research for you! We’ve tested over 30 different floaties over the past two months and have narrowed down the list to the top 10 best floaties for 1-year-old kids. These floaties are stable, comfortable on baby skin, and most importantly, leak-proof.

So, let’s dive into a summer full of fun with a floaty for your little one!

Product Name
SwimWays Baby Spring Float
LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float
HECCEI Add Tail Swim Float
Free Swimming Baby Float
Flyboo Baby Unicorn Toddlers Floaties
SwimWays Inflatable Octopus Pool Float
Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swim Float Seat Boat
Free Swimming Baby Float Seat Boat
Punada Baby Pool Float
Peradix Baby Pool Float
Walsai Baby Swimming Float

10 Best Swim Floaties for 1-Year-Old 2023

1. SwimWays 11649 Baby Spring Float

Weight limit: 35 lbs

 SwimWays 11649 Baby Spring Float

Ready to make a splash with your little one this summer? Look no further than Swimways, the ultimate floaty with a canopy designed specifically for toddlers aged 9 to 24 months. With its vibrant colors and fun design, your little one will be captivated from the moment they lay eyes on it. 

What sets Swimways apart from other floaties on the market is its dual inflation chambers, providing maximum safety for your toddler. Even if one of the tubes deflates, the other will keep your baby floating. Plus, the low profile of the float makes it easy for you to move around inside the pool.

When the sun is shining bright, simply add the adjustable canopy to provide some shade to your little one. Depending on the sun, you can adjust the canopy forward and backward. 

Your baby can either sit up or put his legs through the holes and can kick freely underwater. The holes are aligned in such a way that the baby will remain in a sort of reclined position. So, this will keep your baby in comfort if you are in the pool for a long time.

Most kids loved the mesh play area in between the two inflatable rings. Water will accumulate in this area and kids can splash. Keep in mind, a 1-year-old won’t be able to reach the pool water and that’s what you want from a safe floaty.

  • Dual inflation chambers ensure that your baby keeps floating always.
  • Adjustable UPF 50 canopy to help prevent sunburns.
  • Easily inflate without the need of a pump in under 90 seconds.
  • Designed in a way so that kids stay in a reclined position (good for comfort).

  • The canopy could have been made a bit larger for full coverage.
  • Deflating this float will take some time.


2. LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float

LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float

Innovative floats like Laycol are designed to prevent flipping and add more fun to a baby’s life. It’s one of the best floaties you will find for a 1 to 2-year-old because it lets you learn the basics of swimming and in a much safer way.

This float keeps your child securely attached with 5-fold safety protection. It will help prevent any sort of slipping and flipping over. The good part is you can unbuckle your baby with just a single click.

Laycol will keep your kid at an angle so that the armpit remains at 40 degrees. This position is much more practical and gives your baby a feeling of the water. You can choose to keep him on his back or on his chest and the float supports both these positions.

Like the Swimways float, this one also has double air chambers. On top of that, the front side is raised and there’s also abdomen support. The PVC material it uses is leakproof and CPC certified. So, you can expect it to last quite a long time.

The manufacturer will provide a pump to inflate the float. However, it’s not always functional. It’s better to use your mouth or any manual pump. It also comes with a canopy. But the material is flimsy and might not stand against light to medium breeze. Avoid using it in windy conditions.

  • Super strong leak-proof PVC that will last a long time.
  • Designed to support backstroke as well as breaststroke.
  • 5-fold buckle keeps your child safe and secured on the float.
  • You even get two free toys for extra fun.

  • The pump provided doesn’t have the best quality. So, you better use something of your own.
  • The canopy will not remain stable if there’s a light breeze blowing as the material isn’t strong enough.


3. HECCEI Add Tail Newest Mambobaby Baby Swim Float 

Weight limit: 40 lbs

 HECCEI Add Tail Newest Mambobaby Baby Swim Float

Heccei is one of the most functional flotation devices for 1-year-old babies. It has an almost flip-proof design and secured strap system that will keep you at peace in the water.

This is the deluxe edition of Heccei which has a newly added waterproof leather covering. So, the float won’t get wet and will save you time from drying it. The outer leather is also skin-friendly and will keep your baby’s skin safe.

Heccei is designed to keep your baby floated at 40 degrees angle. This means the baby will be in a swimming position. You can choose to keep your baby on his chest or on the back. The strapping system will support both positions.

The strapping system looks cool and not to mention that it will keep your baby safe on the float. Buckling up might take a few seconds, but you can easily unbuckle it with one hand and hold your baby with another hand. Now, there is a bit of criticism regarding the buckles. The chest straps are not enough to be used when your baby becomes bigger. But they are good enough for 1-1.5-year-olds.

The most innovative and unique aspect of the float is its removable tail. This tail attaches to the back of the float and keeps it from flipping. So, it’s important, you have this on all the time.

  • Super safe flip proof design with removable tail functionality.
  • Keeps babies floated in two swimming positions.
  • 5 point strap system secures the child onto the float and is also easy to unbuckle.
  • Waterproof leather cover keeps the float dry and is also skin-friendly.

  • The chest strap could have been made a bit longer. But it still works fine


4. Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swim Float

Weight limit: 38 lbs

 Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swim Float

The Free Swimming Baby float is almost identical to the Laycol float we reviewed earlier with a few minor changes. With that being said, it’s one of the best learning floats for one-year-old toddlers because of the 40-degree design and how a toddler positions in it.

This float has raised front and widened sides in order to prevent flipping. The seat is soft enough so that babies won’t slide out. Moreover, it has a 5 point harness strap that will lock the baby in and make sure that she stays in place. The straps although functional are a bit flimsy to our liking.

You will get a pump with the float. But it’s not totally functional. Instead within a few minutes, you can blow it up with your mouth. Keep in mind it has a few inflatable chambers that need to be blown separately.

When you buy this float toy make sure to get the size L which is the optimal size for one-year-old kids. An interesting feature of this float is it has built-in bells inside. So, every time the float shakes, there will be noises. This will keep your baby interested for hours.

You will get a removable sun canopy with the float. If the canopy doesn’t last, you can also find a replacement here.

  • esigned to prevent flipping and baby sliding out.
  • Super safe strap that will keep your baby in place.
  • Keeps baby in a swimming position and makes it easier to learn the basics.
  • Built-in bells will attract the baby and keep her interested.

  • The straps used here are flimsy but are still functional.


5. Flyboo Unicorn Toddlers Floaties

Weight limit: 110 lbs

Flybee Baby Pool Float

Who doesn’t love a unicorn, especially when it comes in the form of a float? If you are looking for a great seat-type float for your 1-year-old, look no further. Despite having an upright design, this float is super stable and floats on the water without flipping ever!

The best thing about this float is it’s made from a 0.35mm thick PVC material. This is a lot thicker when compared to similar floaties in this price range. Because of the high-quality material, it holds air longer and also will last for years.

You will find two airbags on both sides of the inflated ring. These airbags are not just for aesthetics. They add balance to the float and prevent it from flipping on either side.

What’s more? There’s a safety string attached to the float. While you are in the pool, you can grab onto it so that the floatie doesn’t go too far.

The quality of the float is also evident from its weight limit which is like 50 kg or 110 lbs. Upon testing, we found that even 6 to 7-year-old kids can float on it safely without any sort of deflation or sinking issues.

There are two holes for your baby to put her feet inside the water. However, sometimes maybe because of quality control issues, the edges around the hole are rough. So, it might scratch your baby’s legs. But it’s nothing serious to cause any injury.

  • Thick and super strong PVC material is durable and remains inflated longer.
  • Improved balance and tip over prevention with inflated airbags on both sides.
  • Has a safety string to pull the float when it goes away.
  • High weight limit ensures your kid can use it for a lot more years.
  • The edges around the leg holes might sometimes be rough.


6. SwimWays Inflatable Octopus Pool Float

 SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float

Swimways makes some of the best swim floaties for 1-year-old and up babies. This octopus float is yet another addition to their armory. Why you should get this one? It’s safe, stable and the octopus character simply makes it irresistible for babies to not ride on this.

To make the float stable, Swimways have added dual inflatable chambers. So, if one fails, the other will still be enough to keep your baby floated. It also has an innerspring for added stability against water movement.

In front of where the baby will sit, there is a nice smiling octopus that also turns 360-degrees. It’s got 4 legs and each leg have a toy of its own. Your baby will really enjoy her time in this float and make long-lasting memories.

Moreover, the inner ring has a mesh area that lets water seep through. This lets babies play with water without getting into the pool.

This float like the others comes with a sun canopy. It won’t offer full coverage, but enough to keep the baby away from sunburns. The sides are covered with mesh for keeping an eye on the baby. If you feel, the view is blocked, you can always remove the canopy.

The one thing we would like to see is an inflator pump to come along with the float. With mouth alone, it could be a bit tiring to inflate it.

  • 360-degree rotating smiling octopus play center with toys makes kids happy.
  • Dual-chamber inflation offers security against accidental leaks.
  • Folds into a compact shape which you can carry easily.
  • Canopy can be added for protection from the sun.

  • No pump is provided to inflate the float. You can do it with any pump you have or blow it with your mouth.


7. HSOMiD Inflatable Airplane Swimming Float

Weight limit: 45 lbs

Free Swimming Baby Float Seat Boat


Looking to up the fun and add some imaginative roleplay while your kid is in the pool? This HSOMiD airplane float is awesome and you can be sold just by looking at the design. Your child will definitely cry for it and want to get into the pool fast.

Safety-wise, it has great balance because of the two airplane wings on each side. These wings might look like a design inclusion. But in reality, they help to balance the float and decrease any chances of flipping or rotation.

The steering wheel on this float airplane makes it even more fun to watch. Moreover, there is a horn and your baby can press it to make bebe noises. There are two holes inside the seat for baby legs to go inside the water and this will make pool time a lot more interactive.

The float has 3 air chambers. So, you will have to fill them up separately. The separate chambers make sure the float is safe even if one of them gets a leak. Compared to other floaties, this one deflates a lot quicker. It might lose 30% of its air within 3-4 days. It’s better to inflate it every time you get into the pool.

  • Fantastic design that promotes imaginative roleplay and enhances your toddler’s mental development.
  • High weight limit makes the float usable for more years.
  • 3 air chambers for prevention against leaks.
  • Large holes provided for the little legs to go inside the water.
  • Deflates quickly. So, can’t expect it to go on for days without inflating.


8. Punada Baby Pool Float

 punada Baby Pool Float with Canopy

Punada is a vibrant and cute little floatie that will bring life into your pool party. While adults enjoy swimming, babies can ride on it and enjoy the afternoon. This is one of the best floaties we have got for a 1-year-old baby. All you got to do is get it home!

The PVC with which the float is made is extremely durable and should last a long time. It can hold 44 lbs of weight. So, your baby has some room to grow and can use it until she is 2-3 years old.

We loved the addition of a steering wheel on the float. The steering wheel does spin and it also has a horn in it to make noises. Kids at this age will love playing with it. So, if the water isn’t enough to get your baby excited, this sure will.

This float has two sturdy handles on each side. These can come in handy for both you and your baby. If you see your baby is just going a bit away, you can grab the handle and pull it towards you. There’s also a canopy that you can attach and detach easily. However, the canopy doesn’t always stay in place and needs adjustments frequently.

  • Strong and sturdy PVC material for durability.
  • Doesn’t get deflated easily. So, you can use it for days without having to inflate it now and then.
  • Has a spinning steering with a horn that can attract your baby.
  • Built-in handles on each side for easy grabbing and pulling.
  • The canopy doesn’t stay in place always.


9. Peradix Baby Pool Float

Weight limit: 45 lbs

Peradix Baby Pool Float with Canopy Sunshade

The little whale-inspired floatie from Peradix is amazingly cute. Your baby will look adorable in it and make your time in the pool enjoyable. This float is built strongly and you can use it for days without having to inflate it every time.

The PVC with which the float is made is strong and durable. So, it can take a beating and survive for years. The outer flotation ring is made large to aid stability. We also found that sitting on it for long periods doesn’t cause any fatigue because of the reinforced safety seat.

From the first look, you will quickly notice the steering wheel on the float. It’s not a gimmick. It actually rotates and also makes a squeaking sound when you press the button on the wheel.

You do have a canopy to protect the baby against the sun. The way the canopy attaches to the float is a lot different than others and is easier to attach. When you inflate the float, there are two balls on the side that are also inflated. All you have to do is insert balls into the holes of the canopy and that’s it. Overall, this is the best pool float you can get for your 12-month-old baby.

  • Built with durable PVC material to prevent leakage and last longer.
  • Steering wheels with a horn for more fun and activity.
  • Easy to install canopy design with inflatable balls on the side.
  • Deflates slowly and you can use it for days without inflating.
  • The canopy is small and it doesn’t provide sufficient coverage.


10. Walsai Baby Swimming Float

Weight limit: 38 lbs

If you want a simple floaty for your toddler have a look at the Walsai float. It won’t be as strong and durable as the others on this list, but will get the job done!

Walsai is a round float with no back or stomach support. Your kid can just put his feet through the walls, get a hold of the handlebars and enjoy the water.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have balancing or stability aid. So, there could be tipping-over issues when the baby moves a lot. If you are supervising your baby, that shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Can support a growing baby up to 36 month’s of age.
  • Simple design makes it easier to inflate without any pump.
  • It doesn’t support a canopy.
  • The material isn’t high quality.


Things To Consider When Choosing  Baby Swim Floaties For 1-Year-Old

1. Material

Material should be your top priority while buying floaties for your 1-year-old. You should buy floaties made of polyester fabric as they are more durable than others. You can also consider getting vinyl material made floaties as well. 

The plus point of quality material is – they also offer UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50) most of the time. This protection blocks 98% of the sun’s rays & keeps your child safe from sun exposure risk.  

Note: This protection will be valid only if your floaties feature a canopy. 

Cheap & low-quality floaties will often cause itching & irritation. A good material not only keeps your little one safe, it also promotes comfort & encourages them to enjoy water for a long period.

2. Type of floaties

There are lots of different kinds of floaties in the market. Usually, you will find neck or simply arm floats. These are simple one-piece floats that offer a minimal amount of floating capability with high levels of risk.

The best pool floats for 1-year-old babies are those that have a seating arrangement and keep your baby out of the water. These floaties are inflatable!

We have tested several versions of these. A learning swim floaties will keep your baby at an angle so that she can move her hands and feet just like in swimming. Others let your child seat upright and put their feet inside the water.


The design should promise mainly three things – 

  1. It should be flip-proof. 
  2. Keep your baby in a centered position.
  3. Maintain a natural swimming angle (40-degree). 

Vulnerable design causes accidental slips & those flips can be hazardous for your kid. That’s why you must check the design before buying. 

Another thing you should check is – whether or not your kid will be in a comfortable posture while sitting or laying on the float. If the product page promotes maintaining a 40-degree angle, then it’s a good deal as it will keep your baby in a natural swimming position. 

Design flaws also cause kids to slip to the edges of a float. This issue skyrockets the probability of accidents. These are the reasons why you should be very careful while choosing the design for your little one. 

4. Stability and Balancing

Keep in mind, floaties are used for just floating and they are not life-saving devices. Having said that, you still want a float to be stable enough to not tip over with your baby’s movements.

Good floaties will often have a larger outside ring that will prevent flipping. You will find features like raised front, raised sides, or even an inflatable tail that attaches to the back. There’s a huge difference between floaties that have these features and those that don’t have them.

5. Seat & Leg Holes

Some floaties don’t feature dedicated seat and leg holes for the kid to seat or lie comfortably – avoid those floaties. 

Your 1-year-old’s float must come with seat & dedicated leg holes. Also, make sure the leg holes are spacious enough so that your kid doesn’t feel suffocated.

With this leg & seat functionality, your 1-year-old can feel & enjoy water to the fullest via kicking water & making splashes.  

6. Leakage Prevention System

Floaties with more than one air chamber are the best. You will need to inflate these chambers separately. So, if any one of the chambers leaks for any reason, the other chambers will still keep the baby floated.

The material of the float also matters. Strong PVC materials are less prone to leaking and also hold air longer.

7. Canopy for Sun Protection

Canopies are certainly not mandatory. However, having one can be good for protecting your baby’s skin from sunburns. The fact is you won’t find canopies that provide full coverage. For safety, a lot of parents opt to not use the canopy as it tends to block the view of the baby.

8. Weight Capacity  

According to verywellfamily, on average 1-year-old kids have a body weight of 21 pounds. That means your kid’s float should have a weight tolerance of 20 to 30 pounds. 

No matter what type (neck, arm or chest) of floaties you get, ensure the weight tolerance exceeds your kid’s weight.

9. Pump

Most inflatable swim floaties don’t require a pump to inflate them. However, a pump is a good integration to have as it will save your time & energy while trying to inflate the float with your mouth. 

Safe and Sound: Discover the Benefits of Toddler Swim Floaties

Toddler swim floats do come with some benefits. Here are some of them: 

Enhances Safety

It’s unlikely that your 1-year-old can swim comfortably without any support. A swimming float comes handy in such an age range & ensures your little one is able to feel the water without any risk. 

Builds Confidence

When you’re giving your kid a swimming float, it means now s/he can enjoy swimming with other people in the swimming pool. Fair enough – swimming with others will promote natural communication. 

The interaction between adults and your little one will expand their social skill, eliminate social anxiety. That being said, a kid can easily become confident via being comfortable with others & a swimming float plays an important role here. 

Physical Development 

We all know swimming offers great benefits to our physical and mental health. Though your kid won’t get all the benefits of swimming, just playing in the water will surely help with – muscle development, boost appetite, improve sleep pattern & promote coordination and balance.

Convenient For Parents 

With a quality swimming float – parents don’t have to guide their kid every second and they can enjoy their leisure. However, it’s not advised that parents should neglect their kids totally as it can cause unexpected accidents. 

FAQs On Floaties For 1 Year Old

How do I get my 1-year-old to like swimming

You can praise them for swimming & they will be encouraged to swim more. Not only praising, giving swimming toys can also motivate them. Sometimes they might feel bored swimming in one position for an extended period, you can remove this boredom by switching their swimming position. 

Do floaties prevent drowning?

If it’s an arm float, it won’t prevent drowning. However, if the float has leg holes & kids can comfortably sit – that will be able to prevent drowning. Lastly, choose a float that is well made with good quality fabric to prevent drowning. 

Do floaties delay learning to swim?

If the floaties don’t allow kids to swim in a natural position, it can cause delays in learning to swim. On the flip side, if the floaties offer seat & leg holes – they allow your kid to kick water and swim, which can boost the learning to swim. 

Final Words

Hope you know by now which is the best floaties for your 1-year-old kid. Whichever model you buy, always make sure to be around your baby.

Even if your float is safe and stable, you never what can happen the next moment. These floats are made for pool water or any water without any currents. So, avoid using them in oceans and high current lakes.

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