Toys that Start with G (25 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

Whether to play, show and tell or out of pure curiosity, if you are interested to know all the baby toys starting with the letter G, we have done the research for you.


We have gathered 25 great toys that start with G. There are a mixed variations of toys for kids of different age groups, and various game types.

Depending on the features and your child’s age and interest, you can buy them following the given links. So, without further delay, let’s explore the G toys for your children.

25 Baby  Toys That Start With Letter G (2023 Guide)

1. Giraffe Ride On Toy

Happy Trails Giraffe Plush Rocking Animal


The first toy starting with the letter G has to be the very classic Giraffe Plush toy with a little twist. This Plush is designed as a ride on a toy.

So, your kid doesn’t need to rush to the park or their daycare playground to ride on an animal now. With this Giraffe Plush Rocking toy, your child can play with comfort. It’s a perfect birthday gift for 3 years old and up.

2. Guitar For Juniors

 Beginner Classical Acoustic Guitar


Kids’ guitars are designed for beginners to make the play easy but real. These junior guitars come with 6 strings. Kids can play it, learn and practice, rehearse and attend stage performances with these guitars.

In short, it’s a great pastime which might become a hobby for your child in the future. Who knows you might be raising a future musician at home.


3. Grumpy Care Bear

Grumpy Bear Stuffed Animal


Stuffed animals are a part of children’s daily life. On a gloomy and grumpy day, your kid can show off their feelings with this cute little grumpy care bear.

There is a cloudy belly badge with the falling heart on this grumpy little bear.It will remind your kid that even on their sad, bad, blue days, they are always loved. On the other hand, your kid can care for the bear to cheer him up too. Kids are imaginative and they learn their own unique way to play with toys.


4. Grady Twins Collector Doll

Grady Twins Collector Doll


If your kid loves to listen to horror stories, they might like to collect horror movie-inspired dolls. You can read them the Grady Twins story and get them these Grady Twin-inspired dolls to enrich their collections. However they can include the twin dolls in their play to build up imaginary characters.


5. Gym Play Tent

Toddler Jungle Gym Play Tent


The Hide N Side ball pit and tunnel set is designed for hours of playing. Older toddlers can play hide and seek inside this tunnel play tent. Playing with this large activity play tent can strengthen your child’s hand and leg muscles and improve motor skills.


6. Gumball Machine Toy

Gumball Machine for Kids


The Gumball machine toy by the popular kid’s toy manufacturer Playee, is a great interactive play for little toddlers. Playing with this toy can develop a child’s problem-solving skill from an early age of their brain development. It’s one of those perfect toys that start with letter G for show and tell letter games as well.


7.  Gold Treasure Tomb

 Treasure X King's Gold Treasure Tomb


Does your kid love all those stories about pirates and treasure hunts? If yes, then this is the perfect toy for your kid. The Gold Treasure Tomb is a little treasure hunting game where you need to solve the puzzle in order to get the final hidden treasure vault.

You cannot open the vault without solving the puzzle. This treasure tomb is suitable for older kids, aged over 5. It needs a minimum analytical ability to understand and solve the game.


8. Golf Club Set for Kids

Meland Kids Golf Club Set


The next in our list is the Golf Club Set for Kids. This is the most ideal kids toy that starts with G. Golf is a game that requires passion and skill.

Kids can start their practice at an early age with this club set as it’s been designed for little kids. Teach all the basics of golf to your kids and let them play with their golf club set. If they build their interest and skill, you can get them a real golf set later.


9. Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla Playsets 01-1066-Y Outing Wood Swing Set


Covid has limited kids’ visits to the local parks and amusement centers. There’s no subsidiary indoor activities against that experience.

However, as parents you want to do your level best. We are aware of that. The Gorilla Playset is going to be this year’s best addition to your backyard.

It’s an easy-to-setup complete backyard adventure playset, perfect for older toddlers ages between 3 to 8 years. Kids can enjoy climbing and fort adventures with this playset. They are gonna enjoy countless hours playing in this playground for sure.

10. Garbage Truck Toy

JOYIN Garbage Truck Toy


G for Garbage Truck. Yeah, it sounds a little gross, but your child needs to learn about the tough jobs in the waste management industry. That way they will grow up being responsible humans, learn how to sort the garbage in different trash cans.

Besides that, they will learn to respect every profession. It’s not that easy how it looks. This realistic garbage truck has 3 rear loader trash cans and has many functions combined with light and sound effects. This garbage truck toy will keep your kids occupied for hours. 


11. Globe Night Light

USA Toyz Illuminated Globe


If you are more likely to pick STEM toys for your child. This Globe Night Light can be the perfect toy for your kids. However, It’s not suitable for kids under 3. This is an educational gift item for preschoolers and older kids who have the basic recognition of the world map.

This illuminating constellation globe is educational. You can teach your children the earth’s geography with it. You can transform the globe into a sparkling starscape by turning on its replaceable LED light.


12. Greenbo Play Sand Toys 

Greenbo Play Sand Toys


Researchers found out that playing with sand can help children’s brain development. Because children use their imagination and analytical ability to recognize and build various shapes.

Greenbo play sand is the perfect sand box kit that allows your little bunch of happiness a mess-free play. This kit comes with 4 coloured sand bags, 15 sand molds and more in this kit.

The sand feels like wet beach sand and molds easily in shape like the kinetic sand. Greenbo Play Sand is not sticky. So, you can relax, because it’s not gonna stick with your kid’s hand or clothes while playing. It’s a recommended game for 3 year olds and older toddlers.


13. Ghost Boo Stuffed Plush

Ghost Boo Stuffed Plush


Kids fantasize the idea of Ghosts way too much. If your little devil shows some interest in ghosts like that much then you can give him this Ghost Boo plush. Kids love this Japanese fictional ghost character.

They can pretend-play with this soft plush. Or, might frighten people with the Ghost Boo plush. It’s gonna be quite a sight to watch your little kid booing around people. However, it’s a cute little plush for grown ups too.


14. Gym Set for Kids

 Gym1 - 6 Piece Indoor Doorway Gym Set


Kids these days don’t do enough physical activities since they are stuck at home in this Covid situation. Get this Gym1 Deluxe Indoor playground and set it up. Your child can keep entertained with this gym set, whilst they will be active.


15. Genius Starter Kit for iPad

 Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad


The Genius Starter Kit for iPad is one of the popular toys starting with G for kids. This STEM starter kit is suitable for older kids ages 6 to 10.

It requires minimum mathematical knowledge to solve the puzzles. So, it’s not suitable for the younger toddlers. It works when combined with an iPad and helps children develop their problem-solving skills.

Your kid will solve the mathematical problems, puzzles and learn drawing with utmost interest for them. Make their learning interesting with this starter kit.


16.Gun Shooting Game Toy

Ylovetoys Shooting Game Toy


This Gun and balls shooting set is perfect for older kids ages over 4. Kids who love games with aiming would love to have a shooting set on their own. It will improve their concentration and aiming skill.


17. Grasshopper Electronic Toy

 Tipmant RC Grasshopper


Kids always will have the weirdest interests. Having a hobby of insect collecting might sound bizarre. But, yeah, some kids have that hobby.

Hunting down real insects is somewhat cruel to the animal kind. Although kids don’t want to hurt animals purposefully, they are just curious to look at these beautiful creatures. You can buy this remote controlled Grasshopper to fulfill your kid’s hobby without hurting any animals. It simulates the real grasshopper by looks and movement. Your child can make it crawl, rotate and fly with the remote control.


18. Godzilla Action Figure Toy

NECA Godzilla


Another Action Figure Toy that starts with G. Godzilla, the classic fictional figure, was mainly famous for 90’s kids. However, today’s kids are also familiar with the Modern version of Godzilla from movies and games. If your child seems to like this fictional figure, then get him this modern Godzilla figure toy and enrich your child’s collection.


19. Glitter Girls by Battat

Glitter Girls by Battat


Glitter girls toys are fun for kids who love to pretend-play. This particular toy is a girl riding her scooter with a donut cabinet. She delivers fresh donuts to the customers.

Your kids can open the cabinet and take out donuts if they want. You can buy the other glitter girls dolls for your kids to play with this one too.


20. GUND Philbin Teddy Bear



Gund Philbin Teddy Bear is a 18” big stuffed animal. It will give you big bear hugs with its big paws. It’s a perfect gift toy for older toddlers and adults who can’t sleep without their favorite hugsies. It’s soft and cuddling. It also offers you to choose from a few color variations.


21. Groot Flower Planter

Groot Succulents Pot


Groot is another children’s favorite fictional character by Marvel Comics. Groot inspired Flower Planter is one of the best kid things that start with G. Kids enjoy planting seeds by themselves and watch plants growing.

The Groot Flower Planter makes the gardening experience even more fun. However these planters can be used for other purposes too. You can make it a pencil holder or simply use it as a decorative piece.


22.GummyGoods Night Light

Gummygoods Gummy Bear Bite-Sized Light


GummyGoods NightLight is a squeezable nightlight for kids. It’s shaped like the classic gummy bears and made with a similar concept. Little kids can hug the GummyGood Night Light while sleeping.

It’s battery operated and safe for children. This toy works like a cuddly toy and nightlight at the same time. It’s the perfect toy for kids who are afraid of darkness.


23. Gazelle Calf Toy

MOJO Thomson Gazelle Calf Toy Figure


Some children love to pretend-play and for that they love to collect puppets and dolls of various characters. This Gazelle toy can be the new addition to your kid’s play.

Gazelle is a famous cartoon character from the movie Zootopia (2016), who was a popstar and mammal rights activist in that Disney movie. You can use this to play show and tell letter G with your kid as well.


24. Glo Worm Snuggle & Soothe 9″ Doll

 Glo Worm Snuggle & Soothe Doll


The Glow Worm squishy little doll is a perfect pick for newborns and little toddlers. This cute little snuggle doll lightens up and plays lullabies for your baby.

So, you can soothe your baby even without being there when they sleep. Just put it under a pillow or blanket beside your baby. You can play it in short or long play mode as necessary. It’s soft and comfortable for your baby to snuggle.


25. Garden Gloves  For Kids

 Kids Garden Gloves


Gardening Gloves is one of the basic objects that start with G for kindergarten kids. Kids learn to wear hand gloves before handling the soils and plants.

Gardening gloves are great gifts for encouraging childs to grow their own plants at home. It instills the hobby of gardening at an early age.



Each child has his own area of interest and level of understanding. All these toys are a great choice for children. You just need to find out the most suitable ones for your children.

Let us know if you found this G toys list interesting. And if you try not done exploring, don’t forget to check our toys starting with X.

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