Toys that start with X (25 Ideas)- 2023 Guide

X is a tricky letter specially if a word starts with it.

It’s a good idea to find toys that start with X so you can show and tell your kid. This will enrich their vocabulary and help them to learn new words.

toys that start X

You can still find words with X, but there aren’t many toys starting with this letter.

No worries. We got you covered with the names of 25 toys. You can give them to your kid as birthday gifts or just for having fun.

25 Toys that start with Letter X (2023 Guide)

1. X-ray doctor kit

UNIH Doctor Cart Kit


Every kid should have a doctor’s play kit. This toy has a number of medical accessories like an X-ray, stethoscopes, and thermometer. So, it’s the perfect item that starts with X for show and tell moments. Your kid can pretend to be a doctor and play with it for countless hours.

The most important thing is while playing with it, kids will slowly start to overcome their fear of doctors and their equipment. This could be an extraordinary gift for your kid’s birthday


2. Xylophone Musical Toy

 Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone Musical Toy


Xylophones are fun and super effective toys for toddlers and one of the most common toys that start with the letter X. It helps kids to understand and develop musical talent from an early age.

The different sounds it makes provoke your kid’s thoughts and encourage them to become creative. Moreover, most Xylophones are colorful and you can also teach them about different colors. Toddlers from 3 years can really start making meaningful sounds with this toy!


3. X-men action figure
 Jada Toys Marvel X-Men


Action figures could be fun, especially if they are your kid’s favorite. This toy kit has a collection of 20 X-men figures including wolverine, Storm, Mystique, and Professor X.

Your kid can pretend to be one of them and maybe even showcase them to his friends. As the figures are made of metal, they are break-proof and perfect for little kids who keep on dropping their toys.


4. XShot Foam Dart BlasterXShot Foam Dart Blaster


Foam dart guns are extremely popular among kids over the age of 5 and 6. They look cool and packed with action.

You can set up a target and let your kids shoot at it. The X Shotguns come with cans to be used as targets. So, you can take them with you on camping trips and enjoy the time with your kids. Yes, even adults love to play with these.


5. X-Wing Star Wars Fighter Building Kit

 LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter


Do you have a 10-year-old kid who loves to play with toys? Keep him busy with Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Fighter plane.

It’s not just a plane, it’s a buildable lego that calls for thinking and solving. Your kid has to figure out the design and build it. It also has three action figures from star wars and that should add more fun to his role-play adventures.


6. X Laser Blaster Gun

 Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set


Laser X could be perfect for your grown-up toddlers. It has a set of two laser guns that you can fire on the receiver and it will light up and beep.

No matter the age, this can be a fun time pass for people of all ages. You can decide to play with it in the dark or outside in the sun. The most interactive thing about this toy is the beeping noises it makes when the laser shots hit the receiver.

7. X Treasure Toy

 Treasure X Monster Gold- Monster Coffin


Who doesn’t love a surprise toy with a treasure inside? Treasure X has a monster hidden inside.

All your kid has got to do is to pour the liquid mix inside the coffin and the monster will awaken. And there’s a treasure inside his brain. The joy and look of surprise you will see on your kid’s face is precious. After the monster awakens, you can also keep it as an action figure or put it back inside the coffin!


8. X-CHENG Bubble Machine Gatling Bubble Toy

X-CHENG Bubble Machine Gatling Bubble Toy


Want to make your backyard parties more fun for your little ones? How about a bubble machine that blows bubbles? Kids of any age will love to get blown away by bubbles.

All you got to do is load it with bubble solution and it will shoot hundreds of bubbles every minute. The design is made so that 3-year-old kids can even use it on their own.


9. X-Pro Retro Video Game Console

Kinhank Super Console X-Pro Retro Video Game Console


Let’s face it. Kids of this age at some point will want to play video games. But considering the graphic and content of modern games, they aren’t always suitable for kids.

So, it’s best to get a retro gaming console that is kid-friendly and also fun to play. As it turns out, you can join with your kid and make some good memories.


10. X-balls Juggling balls

speevers Juggling Balls


Juggling balls are what you see in circus and other events where professionals juggle with. You can buy a set of these balls for your kid and they can be great for indoor playing.

As your kid starters juggling, his hand-eye coordination starts to increase which can be great for his mental and physical development. Let him play with them freely and if he is more interested, you can pick up a few tricks from Youtube and show it to him.


11. X-XBEN 120FT Zip line Kit 

 X XBEN 120FT Zip line Kit


One of the ideal kid’s toys that start with X is the Xben zip line. Just tie up the zip line between two trees and your little ones can ride on it from one end to the other.

You can make the rope shorter or longer depending on who rides it, so it’s perfect for kids of all ages. Add this along with your kid’s outdoor toys and the fun will double up.


12. XJD 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles

 XJD 3 in 1 Kids Tricycles


Tricycles are probably the most suitable ride-on toys for toddlers. However, kids outgrow them pretty quickly. That’s why XJD tricycles are so popular.

You can switch it to a three-wheel bike and then to a two-wheel balance bike as your toddler grows up. So, it’s like 3X more value, and those days spent in the park will never be wasted.


13. X-TREXSABER Light Up Sword

 X-TREXSABER Light Up Sword


When your toddler grows up, you can no longer satisfy him with baby toys. The X-Trexsaber lightsaber is made for grown-up toddlers. They can play with it in the dark and the changeable RGB lights can keep them intrigued.

In most cases, lightsabers will have different sounds and effects that happen when you swing the sword or clash with another lightsaber. All of these things are pretty interactive for growing kids.


14. X TOYZ Shooting Game Toy 

 X TOYZ Shooting Game Toy


Forget batteries. These air blaster toys shoot foam balls manually. Think of the days when you are stuck indoors and your kids don’t have much to do. Set up a few targets and let them shoot em.

These guns can shoot over an 8m distance and that should be good enough for even outdoor shooting and playing. You can get this for your 5-year old who no longer responds to puzzles or legos.


15. X Volt Transformers Car Toy

X Volt Transformers car toy


Who doesn’t love transformers robot characters? They look cool, futuristic and are perfect for kids under the age of 8.

The best part is these action figures are not miniature and have the appropriate size to pretend to play with them with playmates. You can even build a shelf for your kid where he can showcase his action figures. His friends and mates absolutely love it.


16. X-Cube Master

 X-Cube Master


Give your kid something to think about sometimes rather than letting them waste time on mindless games. The X Cube is a shape-shifting cube that works like normal 3×3 cubes.

However, it has different layers and 90 moving parts that can help your kid to think and become a better problem solver. This can be a lifelong toy as it can take years to solve and master the cube.


17. x-spasso Remote Control Car

x-spasso Remote Control Car


If you have been searching for objects that start with X for your Kindergarten kid, try out Xpasso. It’s an RC car that can even run on off-road tracks.

So, your kid can literally play with it anywhere home and outdoors. It could be a bit expensive toy for your kid’s age. But this one will keep your kid highly interested and also increase his hand-brand coordination.


18. OX stuff  Toy

OX stuff toy


Meet the OX stuffed toy. Nothing can beat its cuteness and the way it sits on the ground. Toddlers will find absolute joy cuddling with it, riding on it, and taking it to their beds.

Rather than buying a ferocious action figure, these kinds of stuffed animals can teach your kid to be calm, peaceful, and super cute. He can pretend to play with it for hours as a cowboy and might even make it his pet.


19. Xtreme Quad Red 6V Ride On

Kid Motorz Xtreme Quad Red 6V Ride On


Your 3-year kid might enjoy you riding a bike or a car. The Xtreme Quad is built for little kids and it can give them a feeling of riding a real bike.

The speed is safe enough and the fact that it runs on batteries, you won’t have to run for fuel. The real advantages of riding such a vehicle at this age are it can increase confidence, harness an adventurous attitude, and increase your child’s awareness.


20. Xenomorph Warrior

Xenomorph Warrior


Xenomorphs are imaginative alien creatures appearing in popular media, movies, and comics. They sometimes look scary but have an interesting design. You can find action figures of Xenomorphs at affordable prices.

It can be a good way to remove the fear of the unknown or scary stuff. And there are lots of different figures in the alien universe which you can collect over the years for your kid.


21. XISTEST Kids Wooden Toy

 XISTEST Kids Wooden Toy


Educational toys are often a little boring compared to more interactive toys. However, the Montessori board toy can be fun and will teach your kid more about colors and shapes.

Also, the toy is 100% organic and won’t hurt your 3-year-old if she sucks on it. Show some patterns and let your kid emulate them on the board with beads made from wood. Playing with it will help develop fine motor skills and intellectual.


22. X-ray Dino Blazagon action figure

 Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Dino X-Ray


Here’s another dinosaur action figure. It’s an angry dinosaur ready to battle with other action figures your kid has at home. It’s a stretchable toy.

You can stretch him and the bones will show inside him. It can stretch 3 times its body shape and also come back to its original size. So, there’s a lot of things going on with it.


23. Xia-Xia Crab Shell 

Xia-Xia Crab Shell

Xia Xia is a hermit crab that changes shell. Kids can dress it in a lot of ways as they imagine. It’s an old toy that has been around for years and kids over the years have been loving it. If you have a daughter and need something for her next birthday, this is the one to get.


24. X Hollow Teether Tubes

 X Hollow Teether Tubes


Have a baby at home who likes to chew on everything? These X hollow teethers are super soft teethers and babies can chew on them all day long.

It’s totally safe for babies and doesn’t have any toxic elements. The textures on them make it more interesting for babies to chew and will make their jaws stronger.


25. X-ray vision goggles for nighttime fun

 AGM Kids Night Vision Goggles


It’s not an actual X-ray glass that lets you see through people or walls. The glass emits blue light which will help see in the dark up to 25 feet away.

Children are afraid of the dark and having such a goggle will keep the fear away and instead have fun. Maybe the bathroom is a little far from your kid’s room. Not a problem. She can wear these goggles and find her way without any accidents or tumbling.


Final Words

Kids love toys and if you can buy them based on alphabets or letters, it will also teach them new words. Remember to always mix your kid’s toys with fun and educational ones. This will make sure that they are developing mentally and not just having fun.

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