How to Dress Baby For Sleep In Air Conditioning


The best way to dress a baby for sleep in an air-conditioned home is with clothing that breathes. Avoid clothes made of heavy materials. Then just adjust the temperature to the child’s comfort level. Avoid temperatures of over 78 degrees F and below 62 degrees F. Temperature between 68-72 degrees F is perfect for babies. In this range, dress them in light sleepwear, like a onesie or sleeper pants. T-Shirts and tanks are not recommended if they are less than 1 year old.

But hold on, there’s more. The answer to your question, how to dress baby for sleep in air conditioning, is not just as simple as raising the temperature. First, you need to understand some of the basics about air conditioning and dress your baby accordingly. This way, you will ensure that your little one gets plenty of rest in any condition.

To make things simpler and more comfortable, I have compiled a detailed guide on how to dress different aged babies for sleep in air conditioning. So let’s get started and see how easy it is to dress your babe for sleep, no matter the temperature.

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Why does the temperature matters?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to dress baby for sleep in air conditioning, it is important to understand why temperature matters. The temperature in an air-conditioned home is maintained at a comfortable level to protect the occupants from the heat and humidity outside.

However, when the temperature in the home rises too high, it can be uncomfortable for the baby. The same is true for a baby who sleeps in an icy cold room. The body responds by producing more heat to protect itself from the cold, which can lead to disrupted sleep patterns or even fever.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature reduces your baby’s exposure to harmful factors while they sleep. As long as you understand this basic principle of air conditioning, dressing your babe for sleep should be easy peasy.

How to Dress Baby for Sleep in Air Conditioning?

I really hate this part of parenting. The million questions that go through our heads when it’s time to put our babies down for the night. And one question that is constantly on my mind is how to dress my baby for sleep.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your little one to get a good night’s sleep, regardless of the weather outside. To help make things a little bit easier, I’ve put together the following guide:

1. New Born ( Temperature between 70 to 72 degree F)

For newborns, the temperature should be between 70 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you will need to cover them in a blanket or tunic that covers their entire body except for their head and feet. If it is too warm, they may stir a bit but will generally sleep through the night without any issues.

Swaddling is still a good option to keep your baby warm. Simply, start by wrapping them in a cloth or terrycloth towel and then place their arms and legs into the swaddling cloth. Use enough fabric so that it covers their entire body, but don’t wrap it too tightly. You want your baby to be able to move around comfortably but still be warm.

2. Upto 4 months ( Temperature between 68 to 72 degree F)

At the start of this stage, babies are gradually learning how to regulate their body temperature. So at this age, you can start to dress them in shorts, or loose fitting clothes. Some parents prefer to leave babies entirely naked during this stage of development as a way of increasing airflow and promoting better air circulation. However, this is ultimately up to you and your child.

3. Age below 1 Year ( Temperature between 69.8 to 74.2 degrees F)

You may be know that by the time a baby is one year old, they have basically outgrown swaddling. This means that you can start to dress them in more clothing options, such as short-sleeved shirts and pants. Remember, comfortness is key, so choose clothing that is loose fitting and allow for movement.

4. Age upto 1 Years ( Temperature between 64.4 to 69.98 degrees F)

At this age, your baby will likely be wearing more traditional clothes like Footie pajamas and a shirt. They may also start to develop their own personal style. For example, put on a shirt first, then layer on a jacket or sweatshirt.

Now, if you ask me how to dress baby for sleep in 65 degree room then they may need to wear extra clothes or blankets while sleeping.

To cover their legs , socks can be put on and then the blanket or towel can be wrapped around their torso and pulled up to their chest.

Tips To Ensure Your Baby’s Safety While Using An Air Conditioner

I always recommend that parents keep a few safety tips in mind when their baby is sleeping in an air-conditioned home. Here are just a few:

  1. Always watch your baby and be prepared to remove them from the AC if they show any signs of discomfort, such as fussy or restless behaviour.
  2. Make sure all cords and plugs are out of reach before shutting off the AC  
  3. Maintain a cool environment for your baby by ensuring they are not over-dressed or left in a too-hot environment.
  4. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions when using an air conditioner.

Temperature Adjustment for Comfortable Sleep

Below is a table that provides suggested temperatures and dress up for different stages of development. I would always recommend keeping your baby as cool as possible without being too cold and adjusting the temperature accordingly:

Age Of The Baby
Temperature In Fahrenheit
Dressing up
70 to 72 degrees
Sleepsack/ Swaddle blanket
Up to 4 months old
68 to72 degrees
Shorts/Loose Fitting clothes
Age below 1 year
69.8 to 74.2 degrees
Short-sleeved shirts and pants
Age upto 1 years old
64.4 to 69.98 degrees
Footie pajamas and shirt


Final Thoughts

We hope that the above tips about how to dress baby for sleep in air conditioning helped you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep with your little one. Again, measuring what works best for your child based on age and temperament is important. Don’t forget to tell us about how you dress your baby for sleep in the comments section below.

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